Please join me in welcoming Patricia A. Guthrie. She is the author of romantic suspense novels, mysteries, and short stories. Patricia resides in the Chicago area and has taught in the Chicago Public School system.

Patricia Guthrie

Guthrie’s current published novels ‘In the Arms of the Enemy,’ ‘Waterlilies Over My Grave’ and ‘Legacy of Danger’ are available in online bookstores such as She also has short stories published in, Skyline Magazine and Affaire de Coeur and non-fiction articles in the Collie Cassette and the online ‘Nature Journal.’ She’s currently working on a mystery novel that she hopes to have published in 2018.

Guthrie is an accomplished opera singer, church soloist, and music teacher. After leaving the opera, Guthrie became a music therapist in a school for children with special needs and then went on to teach music in the Chicago Public School system.

She’s an avid animal lover and advocate.



Chapter 3

Call from Romania to Evanston, Illinois.

“Done. The old lady is dead.”

The sun was hot, the weather warm, Lake Michigan still chilled from the spring weather. Elite among international assassins, Federal authorities considered Hadean Petrov one of the most dangerous killers alive.

They remembered the situation in Bolivia, which took down experienced DEA agent and the ambush of the drug runner on the Black Sea. Now, he was on another mission. But, he still liked to dangle his feet off the pier.
His baritone voice crackled in the static of his cell phone. “The funeral, it was held today.”

“So….” The speaker on the other end trailed off then spoke again. “Who was there? At the funeral.”

“I was not present, but I caught a glimpse and heard conversation. Many people from the college. Elena Dkany, Alexander Brancusi and his sister and one Gregory Balough, I think he comes from Romania. He is also Magda’s solicitor.”

“Yes, I knew he would be there. It is as I thought and planned. Good.” Another pause, almost like the thinking came through the crackling of the phone. “The death, it was quick, yes? How?”

“Do you want details?” The assassin laughed. “How it was done?”

“Accident?” Voices, not from the speaker, overrode his voice. “Just one moment.” Conversation then he was back. “I am free.”

“Good. So, hit and, how do you say…run? As a tree branch topples in a storm.”

“Did it look like an accident?”

“I made it look so.”


A man with a fishing pole came up alongside him. Petrov swung his feet over the rock, retrieved his sandals and walked away.

“What now? Do I leave or do you have another job for me?”

“You wait. I will have more for you to do.”

“Do you have money for me?”

“Oh yes. You will have your money. Look in your Romanian bank account. It is all there.”

“I thank you. It is good doing business with you.”

They clicked off their cell phones.

Hadean Petrov walked across the park and across the street where he’d killed Magda Dkany.

* * *

Legacy of Danger by Patricia Guthrie


Book Blurb:

Inheriting a castle, Elena Dkany travels to Romania, a land dipped in Myths, Folklore, and as legend has it, the Walking Dead.

 From the onset of her arrival, hearing a local proverb: “Do not speak badly of the Devil, because you cannot know to whom you will belong,” she soon understands the importance of adhering to this warning in this mysterious land.

* * *

You can find Patricia Guthrie’s books on, as well as other online booksellers.

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  1. Great excerpt, Patricia. It certainly caught my attention. I’m looking forward to reading Legacy of Danger. Thank you for hosting, Linda. Beautiful site.

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  2. Thanks Linda for sharing information about Patricia G. and her wonderful books. #RRBC definitely support members. The blog hop is just one of the ways of paying-it-forward.

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