Rave Reviews Book Club Shines Its Spotlight On Author Joyce Shaughnessy

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It’s my pleasure to host author Joyce Shaughnessy on day 4 of her “Spotlight Author Blog Tour”, sponsored by Rave Reviews Book Club. Joyce is featuring her work of historical fiction entitled, The Healing Place. Today, Joyce shares how she gets inspired.

Where to Find Inspiration

If you are also an historical fiction author, the obvious place is the library at their reference books. The internet is where I go next. There are often great photos, and those are always helpful and inspirational. Depending on the timeline you are writing about, real people who lived through the era are great to find. In 2011, I was lucky to meet some men who lived through WWII. Sadly there aren’t as many around today. It’s wonderful to meet other people who live through the same kind of thing you’re writing about, even if you don’t write historical fiction. I try to get out more because writing can be a lonely profession. I feel lucky if I get to meet someone I’ve never met before. People are often fascinating and inspiring.

A Healing Place

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Book Blurb 

A Healing Place is based on the Thirties and Forties and emphasizes the

power of love, sacrifice, courage and prayer. The Millers move to Texas from

Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression. Their son-in-law,

Jed, is sent to the Philippines during WWII where he walks the Death March.


Author Bio

Joyce Shaughnessy has published five books in the last seventeen years. The

first three, A Healing Place, Blessed Are the Merciful, and The

Unsurrendered, are romantic historical fiction based upon the Dust Bowl in

the Great Depression and WWII in the Pacific. They reflect her love of history

and historical fiction. She is also a certified editor, and has edited four

anthologies and several novels. She loves editing almost as much as writing.

She has two finished manuscripts on her desk. She hasn’t found the proper

home for them yet, but will hopefully soon. She has lived with her husband in

Midland, Texas for the last twenty-six years. They share a love of reading and

own a very large collection gathered over the years.

Connect with Joyce online!

Twitter: @AuthorJoyceS

Facebook: @joyceshaughnessy1

Website: joyceshaughnessy.blogspot.com



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26 thoughts on “Rave Reviews Book Club Shines Its Spotlight On Author Joyce Shaughnessy

  1. I loved your book blurb, an important part of selling a book. I love books written about the dust bowl, especially ‘Grapes of Wrath— and the movie. So your book is calling my name. This has been a really nice tour.


  2. Hi Joyce. Hope you’re having fun on your tour.

    Linda, its nice to see you and thanks for being such a supportive host.


  3. Hello! I think using a library in addition to the internet is the perfect combination. I did this while doing research for The Fall of Lilith. I love people almost as much as animals. 😉 It’s lovely to learn more about Joyce. Thanks for hosting, Linda! 😀 xx


  4. I so agree, Joyce, that the library is such an awesome resource for research. The internet is great, but sometimes you find conflicting information on the internet. Hope you are loving your tour! Linda, thanks so much for hosting.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congrats on your successful tour, Joyce! I think meeting people with first-hand knowledge of subjects we write about lends depth and veracity to our stories, whether historical fiction or fiction that reflects life. Thank you for posting, and thank you, Linda, for hosting.


  6. Congratulations, Joyce. A Healing Place is proudly on my Kindle now, and I so look forward to reading it. Thank you, Linda, for this lovely post. ♥

    Liked by 2 people

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