When Your Mind Becomes a Foriegn Country

A great, inspiring story of saving our sanity when life gets overwhelming.

Help from Heaven

I woke up, looked in the mirror, and, although the face was the same, something was different. I did not feel like myself. It seemed as though, sometime during the night, I had become separated from myself.  Felt as though my mind had become a foreign country, and I did not speak the language there. It was so scary, but I couldn’t tell anyone, mainly because who would believe me and would they put me in a mental institution if they did?

So, I kept quiet. I went to work, and I did my job, all the time feeling as though I was floating above and looking down as someone else lived my life. I went to class, but I did not participate in the discussions, afraid that I would end up telling them what was happening. At home, the terror at the thought of remaining this way was so…

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