Welcome to the #RRBC “SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR” Blog Tour Featuring #RRBCSpotlightAuthor, Charles W. Jones @ChuckWesJ

Hi and welcome! It’s always a pleasure to share the work of wonderful authors. Today, it’s my honor to host Charles W. Jones, another amazing writer from the Rave Reviews Book Club of which I’m a member. Today we’re celebrating Charles’ novel Circus Tarot. Please welcome him to “The Long and Short Stories” as he interviews one of his principal characters.

Charles W. Jones

An interview with Ace of Buckets

Interviewer: Today, I’d like to welcome Ace of Buckets, who has graciously agreed to sit down with me for an interview. Many of you know this Clown from the Circus Tarot Trilogy that takes place in the bi-polar World Circus. Thank you, Ace for taking time out of your day. I was noticing that when you opened the door of your trailer that you are quite fit. You must have quite the exercise routine and diet.

Interview with Ace of Buckets pic.Ace: Ah shucks! You make me blush. I don’t exercise, not really. I think it just comes to me natural-like. You know, from my tricks and carrying this overflowing bucket. World Circus changes everything. Well, it did. But since we’re in truce, we’re only allowed to play nice. It’s horriblification.

Interviewer: Yes, I’m sure it is. Do you have any expectations of when everyone will be on their own again? It must be cramped with everyone in Hanged Clown’s card.

Ace: You don’t know the half of it. Could be a quarter you don’t know. Magician says soon. Who knows for sure? It’s just a slow process to put everything back together. This fire was much worse. Chaos for quite some time with everyone poking each other in the eye (laughs), literally. Clown Wood will never be the same. Though, I do kinda like the burned-out look, even though fire has never been my forte.

Interviewer: I’m glad you brought that up. How exactly did you come into…? Well you know. It seems that others have similar skills, but you are quite artful with the razor.

Ace: (laughs) That is a splendirific compliment that I don’t fully understand.

Interviewer: Right, you aren’t flipped at the moment. How does that happen anyway? What causes the phenomenon of “flipping”?

Ace: What a wonderific question that I don’t have the slightest idea how to answer. It happens. One second, I’m walking along singing a happy tune, then next everything goes, I don’t know, dark. Not like the lights going out or anything like that, more like the contrast is changed. Does that make sense?

Interviewer: Hmmm, I guess it does. Which do you prefer?

Ace: (a large smile spreads across his face) I prefer being this way. I love bringing joy to everyone. I love to see new lovers with all their anticipation for the future. Their excitement gives joyousness. (wrings his hands and is silent for a moment) Of course, I’m sure when I’m flipped, I would say something opposite and how it’s better being flipped.

Interviewer: Yes, you’d have to answer that while flipped. What if I slapped you?

Ace: (shocked) Why would you do that?

Interviewer: To see if you would flip. Not a good idea?

Ace: I would say not. I’m sure that razor you spoke of is in one the folds or pockets of my clothes or bucket. (giggles and winks)

Interviewer: Do you have any new acts coming when World Circus is rebuilt?

Ace: You would have to ask King of Tokens that. (He becomes agitated, stands suddenly and giggles) I just want it to be finished. I’m tired of having to be good and the stupid truce. But you aren’t here as a replacement. How did you get here? Did you use the talisman?

Interviewer: I don’t think I would’ve noticed that you flipped had you not jumped up. Would you care to answer the question I asked before?

Ace: About the razor?

Interviewer: Yes.

Ace: It’s part of me. It knows what I want. It guides my hand. (slashes the air with the razor)

Interviewer: That was a little close. Don’t forget you’re in truce

Ace: Yes, but, how did you say you got here? Obviously, you didn’t get here through a card. You used it didn’t you?

Interviewer: Yes. (holds the red and white satin cloth in the air)

Ace: (He smiles, showing his pointed teeth) No one will notice or care if I have some fun.

Interviewer: (screams)


Don’t forget to get your copy of Circus Tarot at Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00785VJIW

Find Charles W Jones at the following places

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChuckWesJ

Facebook: https://facebook.com/ChuckWesJ

Website: https://charleswjonesauthor.com

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