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Mac is Here!

Mac was over this weekend. Some of you will remember my 3-year-old genius grandson. He doesn’t like baby talk or simplified explanations, and he has no problem asking for help if a task is difficult. He hangs at his grandfather’s elbow to watch a repair or a build. If he doesn’t understand something, he has no issue telling you exactly where you lost him and asking for a do over. 

He and his grandfather were making imaginary cupcakes and Mac came into the family room to report out on their progress. “Grandad needs more ingredients,” he said. When I looked at my daughter, she just shrugged. Ingredients? This baby is three! We checked with my husband who assured us he would’ve asked for “more stuff”. My daughter took this opportunity to share that earlier that morning when they were preparing to leave home, he asked, “Mama, why are you frustrated?”

Lest you get confused, he is still a baby and will choose Baby Shark and Coco Melon over World News Tonight with David Muir, but I can see his eagerness to grow up and explore. He loves to work in the yard with me and he’s very focused on the results. If I stop to photograph him, he will hand me whatever tool I’ve laid down and order me to, “Work!” 

When they prepared to leave, I asked him for ten hugs. He countered with three kisses. I’m no fool. There were two kisses to his chubby cheeks and one on his sweet little neck which sent him into peals of laughter. 

Of course, I checked on them to see if they’d made it home safely. His mother is my baby, but he has eclipsed her place in my heart. He had taken a nap because, “Grandma and Grandaddy’s house makes me tired.” It works both ways, kiddo!

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      1. 😆 He reminds me of my oldest grandson when he was little. Not the words but the wanting to work and help his papa. He would follow my husband around, helping with yard work in warm weather and bringing in wood for the fire in the winter. He’s a man now and in the army 💜

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