A Snow Day Spoils Halloween

This is what trick or treaters were met with in my area of southwest Chicago
My flowers didn’t like it either. Hopefully a couple more 50 degree days are in store before winter sets in.

Snow over the course of the day, yesterday was its own source of trick or treat. While immigrants camping on the streets of downtown Chicago found it magical to see their first snow. Native Chicagoans and their children were mortified. Moms and kids had been curating outfits, wigs, and makeup for months, even matching candy bags in preparation for the best, full-fledged Halloween night since 2019.

A shamefully huge bag of candy lay on my foyer ledge, ready to be passed out. The candy is still there as only 4 kids came. Also missing was their cheerful greeting, “trick or treat”. Now kids just stand there with their bags open, and they smile, expectantly. It was cold so I didn’t go through my usual spiel of what do you say? Anyway, too bad Halloween can’t get a do-over the next day when the weather is better. But guess what? I have oodles of candy to see me through NaNoWriMo!

According to weather forecasters yesterday’s snowfall was the third highest in Illinois history on Halloween. They’d predicted snow, but I didn’t know they meant sno-o-ow, and as I traveled west on Vollmer Highway, I could see a cloud of what looked like thick, white smoke approaching me. As I got closer, little seeds of ice began pinging and popping off the windshield. Then I drove straight into a snow globe, and I couldn’t make out anything around me. I’m a January girl and a native Chicagoan so I adjusted and it became pretty awesome until I remembered broken-hearted trick or treaters.

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6 thoughts on “A Snow Day Spoils Halloween

  1. It looks lovely from the photos! But then I remembered the brrr of snow from when we got dumps of it last year 🥶❄️ Poor trick or treaters, but you won’t let the candy go to waste 😉 I’ll do my part here to eat what’s leftover from the other night too! We got half the number of what we had the year before, even though it was good weather 🤷‍♀️

  2. Hi,
    Immigrants camping in snow. Are they homeless people?
    Happy to hear you’re doing NaNo this year. I am too. So far, I’m done my second day and now must move on to my other work.
    Good luck with NaNo and please keep you snow in Chicago. 🙂
    Shalom shalom

    1. Yes, Pat! Chicago is one of the sanctuary cities in the U. S. for immigrants. They are coming to Chicago by three to four busloads a day. They have been camping in police stations and at O’Hare airport. We are looking for abandoned schools and other buildings to house them. We are so overwhelmed that some are sleeping in tents on the streets. The news showed several immigrants and children taking pictures of the snow on their phones. So yes, they are sleeping on the ground in downtown Chicago.

      Nano has been good for me so far, but it’s only two days😂. Good luck to you as well. Thanks!

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