About Linda Mims

photoshop-lindaI’m a creator of tales. Since I was a child that’s been my thing. When I was 12, I sold a story to my grandmother for a quarter. It was a big hit, but my father’s more practical advice was, “get a good education and find a real job.”

After working for many years at my “real job” as a high school teacher, education consultant, and a high school principal, I began working on a tale I entitled, The Neon Houses. It was born out of a joke that I shared with some friends. We realized that, more and more, people were losing interest in reading. We further joked that decades from now this country would hold Reading Night at the Park for citizens who wouldn’t  be able to read.

That idea rolled around until it developed into a whole society of have-nots. Once the idea got rolling, I couldn’t stop until I’d finished The Neon Houses.

Currently, I’m kicking around book 2 in the series and I’ll keep you updated on the progress here. I’ll also share some recipes and stories that come out of my life and home in a small suburban town about 30 miles outside of Chicago. There, and here, I’ll be cooking, gardening, blogging, and supporting my writing community.

5 thoughts on “About Linda Mims

  1. Hello! It’s lovely to read more about you, Linda. I am happy to be a member of the RRBC where I get to meet upstanding people like you. I am following you and look forward to reading your posts. 🙂


  2. Hi Linda, I just want to thank you for all your wonderful support. I’m really looking forward to reading the completed version of your book The Neon Houses.


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