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The images above played into my vision of the women at the Mayor’s Gala in The Neon Houses. Remember it’s 2087 and styles have evolved and changed drastically. Read on for a snippet of the chapter where Noel steps out.

The band was into its second number, and Noel turned to see where Dickey was. Before she could fret about it, Declan Daniels appeared and asked her to dance.

He was just her height and she smiled. Noel wasn’t short, but she could wear three-inch heels and Dickey was still taller than her. Declan was tall too and he smelled good.

That made Noel laugh. Her husband knew her through and through.

“Dickey sent you over here, didn’t he?” Noel asked.

“I can’t tell a lie,” Declan said. “But I would’ve asked anyway, if I’d thought I had half a chance of you saying yes to me.”

“Are you flirting, Declan?” she asked.

“Oh, no. I know better than that. I’ve seen you dance and you’re pretty good,” he said. “I’d much rather dip you than some of the more endowed ladies here tonight.”

Every eye was on Noel Kennedy as her tinkling laugh rang out. Noel was radiant and her shiny auburn hair curled around her ears and trailed down her nape. She wore strappy high heels that complimented the frothy, coral gown that billowed around her ankles.

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Zara thought she heard noises behind her. “Damn!” she cursed aloud.

She turned around a number of times, but couldn’t see a thing in the dark. Her night vision was terrible, and she probably needed glasses, which were rare in Gang Territory. When Noel Kennedy took charge there, she re-introduced a lot of necessary services, including eye testing, but by then Zarah was too old and too vain to wear them in public.

She thought back to the powerful man she’d been foolish enough to challenge. She’d been asked—no, warned—to drop any thoughts of blackmail, but she’d been too stubborn to agree.

There was only one streetlight working on the entire block. She hurried along, glancing behind her, and she was glad to see low flickering flames up ahead. It was old Slim warming his hands in the embers of a dying barrel fire.

“Hey, Slim,” she called to the old header. He’d been drugging since he was old enough to drop out of school and hold a needle, and, until Noel, that had been at age twelve.

Farther down the street, the Ramon brothers reclined in a car parked in front of their house. The car had been abandoned there long ago, and the brothers used it as a hangout and a place to sell drugs for Warren Simpson.

“Come on! Get inside, baby,” Manny Ramon, dark-haired and handsome, said to her.

“One day I will, little boy. Then we’ll see what you do.”

His brother Emil, looking more like an older twin, laughed.

“Guess she told you, little boy!”

Zarah just shook her head. She wasn’t worried now. Anyone would be crazy to try something on her block.




Boy! Am I excited! It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for. For the first time I’m sharing the cover of my new novel, The Neon Houses. It’s the first in a series that I’ve subtitled A Kennedy Circle Mystery. The series features my heroine, Joy Noel Kennedy, and a cast of characters that I hope you’ll come to like. This dystopian tale is available for pre-order right now on Amazon, and will be ready for download on December 9. Take a moment to study the cover. Then, examine the blurb! Let me know what you think—good or bad.


Now for the description

While preparing for her annual end-of-summer barbecue, Noel Kennedy hears screams inside her head, but the screams aren’t hers. Noel recognizes the frantic pleas as those of the young woman she mentors—Zarah Fisher.

Noel knows the exact moment that Zarah is murdered because she has a secret! A secret that has prevented Noel from being honest with anyone outside the immediate circle of others like her. Not even her husband Richard, better known as Dickie, knows what she really is.

Noel has perfected a life as a solid, middle-class New Chicago citizen. As the Deputy Chief of Schools in the home ruled province of Gang Territory, Noel has made it her mission to provide a better life for her students and their families. Now she must decide whether to step outside her comfort zone and fight to garner the attention of New Chicago law enforcement for this devalued individual.

New Chicago, Incorporated and Gang Territory have become two vastly different societies since the Urban Wars and the year 2087 finds New Chicago’s police department a military trained force determined to keep “gang people” out. Noel’s husband’s boss, the mayor of New Chicago, and her friend Harlem Pierce, a New Chicago police detective aren’t interested in this case and they urge Noel to let it go.

Just when she decides to relax and let the GT police handle Zarah Fisher’s murder, Earl Gibbs, a family friend and newly announced mayoral candidate is killed in the same manner as Zarah. This new murder involves Noel’s young cousin Charlize and her friend Shaquille. It links Noel to  Charlize in a startling, freakish way.

Who can Noel draw on? Must she turn to Warren Simpson—the menacing, treacherous boss of Gang Territory? They’ve managed to coexist in GT by pretending that the other doesn’t exist. Can she reach out to him—or—could he be the killer?

The Neon Houses—available for Kindle December 9th. Pre-order your copy now by going to http://buff.ly/2fuaqDE.

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How to Market Your Books and Attract New Readers With a Blog…

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Excerpt from an article by Author Kate Tilton, on her site:

Today I have a great infographic to share with you! But first, check out this intro from Matt Banner.Matt Banner logo

As writers, all we want to do is practice our craft in peace, but there’s more to being an author than simply pumping out new books left and right. We need to engage with our readers and produce content for them to read between major releases. A blog is the perfect place to do just that.

Today I’ll show you how to start a website you can use for your promotion and for engaging your readers. Then we’ll take a look at an infographic designed to give you new and exciting information and tools to help elevate your writing to new heights!

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Reading, Writing, and Responsibility!

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Do writers have responsibilities? If so, what are they? Do these differ from the responsibilities of, say, sculptors, painters, or photographers? And is there a different set of rules for those who write poetry versus those who write fiction?

Though I write in various forums, I’ll speak on fiction for this article. As an author, I do indeed have responsibilities. My first—and most important—responsibility is to know how to construct a sentence. This includes knowing proper punctuation, what and when to capitalize, and correct spelling. If the story in question begins with massive amounts of misplaced commas, run-on sentences, and poor spelling, I’m not likely to find an audience for my work.

Equally important is the need to tell a compelling tale. Nobody wants to read entire chapters with the main character searching for his car keys, getting coffee at Starbucks, or filling his tank with premium gasoline because that

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