What I Learned Blogging 30 Straight Days

I started this 30-Day blogging challenge as part of a group, but the rules changed, and I didn’t keep up with the emails. I have a problem reading emails. Oh, well, life! I was offered the chance to continue, disqualified, under the organization’s banner, or go out on my own. Guess what!

It’s over and I did it.

Anyhoo! It’s over today, and I didn’t miss any of the 30-days for which I hug myself. I am beyond proud of me! I am equally proud and happy for the remaining participants of this challenge! You guys made it all the way!!! I read your posts and you’re all winners in my book!

I’ve come up with my critique for contests like these:


  • The writers inspired me in this challenge. 
  • Writing every day built stamina and resolve, if not creativity or brilliance. 
  • Writing everyday put me out there and helped readers and bloggers know I was back.
  • I learned my friends are my friends. God bless them.


  • Writing blog posts every day.
    • I didn’t have time to think my posts through, nor were they the best they could’ve been. 
    • My readers didn’t understand where my thoughts were coming from.
  • I got minimal writing, or social media niceties completed. 
  • My blog readership fell off. Readers weren’t interested in countless days of my life. I wasn’t Beyonce or Meghan Markle.
  • I wasn’t prepared. Challengers should’ve come armed with at least 3 days of posts (but if you do that in the future, you’re cheating)!
  • I picked up maybe 4 new followers, but by the end, I’d kept only two (so far). 
  • It was insane reading my posts’ comments, my fellow challengers’ posts (10), their followers’ comments, and commenting myself.

Thank God, I realized early on if I was going to keep my serious followers, I’d better put some substance in there. I’ll be back this month just like I promised. There will be Black History and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) posts only they won’t be every day for 28 days straight. I’ll take time to research posts and make them relevant.

Black History Month will kick off tomorrow whether I lead the parade or not. I’m also going to take 2 days to visit my brother in another state. See you soon!

Thank you so, so much (you know who you are)!

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18 thoughts on “What I Learned Blogging 30 Straight Days

  1. Hi Linda, it sounds like you learned quite a bit from this blogging challenge, so I’m glad you did it! When you know how often works with your schedule, that’s when you’ll settle on the right number of posts. I have a schedule and try to stick with it, but some days I get behind. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Christy! I’m developing a schedule now and trying to stick to it. Thanks for letting me know that even you can get behind.

  2. Bravo, Linda, for seeing it through. I must be honest, I can’t keep up with bloggers who post daily, some post several times a day. I don’t try, I just read what I can. When I leave a comment, I have read and processed the post. I am not a skimmer or a liker on the Reader. I think you did very well. I don’t post every day and wouldn’t commit too. I am a little erratic with blogging and that is my preference.

  3. Linda you are so wrong. I really enjoyed your life and the way you told it. You are very good at putting it down on paper and keeping your audience’s attention. Yes you did get my attention. So don’t sell yourself short. I was trying to keep up with you. LOL!!

    1. Thank you, Shirley! You are so generous. Even on “Raters …” you saw the good in our writing and encouraged us. Your critiques were always helpful.🤗

  4. Congratulations, Linda! I took dropped out of the contest! Just writing the post everyday was enough for me, I forgot the other requirements and extra “niceties.” I did gain some new followers but didn’t count. I do want to work again on my next novel. Maybe this has helped. Take care, Linda!

      1. Thank you! I actually challenged myself after I fell through the cracks and missed sending my link once, then fell asleep another time and had to post the entry the next day. So I wanted to show myself I could do 30 days without the contest. I appreciate your support though!

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