Create a writing and reading space!

Lately, there’s been a lot of attention devoted to self-care, but what I hear described more often is mind and body care. For me self-care has to include a physical space where my mind can wander in peace. For writers, a quiet space to dream is essential. Unlike Thoreau, we can’t go to Walden Pond, but we can bring a semblance of it to our homes.

Over my adult life I’d prepared spaces for my family, my friends, and visitors (there’s a difference between a friend’s space and a visitor’s) with very little thought of what I needed. Hubby was smarter than me; he claimed the lower level and called it his man cave long before discussions of self-care had developed. I had our bedroom and the kitchen, both of which were shared spaces.

When I retired, I converted a daughter’s bedroom, and made it like the office I’d just left. The space didn’t warm or entice me to read a good book; and I didn’t smile when I went in there. It felt like going to work.

I’d always liked our sunroom, but never considered it a balm for my writing soul. The space was a useless architectural feature for guests. Yet, every time I sat in there, surrounded by views to the garden hubby and I labored in all summer, I wished I could make this space my office. But how? 

Guess what? I donated the stiff wrought iron and rattan furnishings; moved out the plants (all of them!), and gave the room a soft, cushy feel. Now it’s a less stately room, with much of my work and Mac’s toys spread throughout. It’s become my comfy, happy place.

Don’t dream about an empty nest or a bigger home. Take a closet, a narrow hallway, or a landing and style one of them. Is there a favorite painting just wasting away in the dining room? Move it to your space. Is there a plant you wish to see all the time? Put that plant in your cheerful space. Knowing a place is just for dreaming is the ultimate in self-care. shows tiny offices in halls, on landings, and under the stairs. Visit the site for more office ideas.

Where is your writing place? How did you choose it? Design it? 

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4 thoughts on “Create a writing and reading space!

  1. I love that you redesigned the space to match what you want. I have a bedroom that I turned into my office. My walls are a minty green, which I love. I have a wraparound desk that faces the window so I can gaze outside when my eyes need a rest. I have a wall of shelves behind me. I’m hoping to replace that with cabinets so I don’t see the stuff, but it’s a project for another day. For now, my back is to it when I’m on my computer, so it doesn’t bother me. Great post, Linda!

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂


  2. I love all those windows and doors from the sunroom surrounding your writing space, Linda!
    I converted an extra bedroom into an office and made it cozy by adding an electric fireplace. It’s my own personal retreat, and I love it!

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