Dr. Jeffrey Von Glahn, Rave Reviews Book Club Author!

Reprinted from Boomacious.com, L. Mims

RRBC’s Pay It Forward winner is Dr. Jeffrey Von Glahn. He has more than 40 years of experience in psychotherapy! That’s what inspired him to write the book, “Jessica: The Autobiography of an Infant”, amzn.to/1zeQjPu. Dr. Von Glahn is convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that there is in the human nervous system a healing process for psychological “injuries,” just as there is one for physical injuries/illnesses.

“There is a widspread apprehension in the field of psychotherapy over “re-traumatization.” I am unable to find a definition of this term. It seems to mean that if a person becomes too emotionally upset that he is being “re-hurt.” If this is true, it is based on a profound misunderstanding of catharsis and it is preventing thousands of clients a day from a dramatic healing experience. With the unforced activation of emotional experiencing, the client is not being “re-hurt,” despite what an observer might conclude. The forced activation of emotional experiencing, which is not therapeutic, usually occurs outside of therapy when an unexpected event triggers too much unresolved hurt.”

This sounds like a man who knows from years of training what he’s taking about. I agree that I would much prefer to be treated in a controlled environment than to have traumatic experiences come flooding back on me as I’m just walking down the street. Read this fantastic story today! “Jessica: The Autobiography of an Infant” amzn.to/1zeQjPu

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