The Neon Houses -Excerpt # Two

Trees bowing to ClaudetteMy main character, Noel Kennedy, comes from a line of clairvoyant women.
Her mother, Claudette, is believed to be one of the strongest clairvoyants alive. On the night of the scene below, Noel’s husband, Dickey, sees a strange phenomenon as Claudette is leaving his home:


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9 thoughts on “The Neon Houses -Excerpt # Two

  1. Linda your excerpt kept me reading. Very intriguing and futuristic. There will always be the haves and the have nots. Looks like a promising read. Good luck :+)


  2. Linda, you’ve got a great futuristic story here. I was pulled in by both excerpts with the curiosity to read more. You have a nice fast paced writing style perfect for the time your story is written. I see this as a winner. Good luck with it.


    1. Hi Micki! Nice to meet you! Thank you so much for commenting. When we’re first starting out, as you well know, it is heaven to have the encouragement of those who have gone before!


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