The Neon Houses -Excerpt # Two

Trees bowing to ClaudetteMy main character, Noel Kennedy, comes from a line of clairvoyant women.
Her mother, Claudette, is believed to be one of the strongest clairvoyants alive. On the night of the scene below, Noel’s husband, Dickey, sees a strange phenomenon as Claudette is leaving his home:


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Educator, Author, Blogger, and supporter of Independent Writers. One mystery novel, The Neon Houses, Find me on Twitter @boom_lyn.

9 thoughts on “The Neon Houses -Excerpt # Two

  1. Linda your excerpt kept me reading. Very intriguing and futuristic. There will always be the haves and the have nots. Looks like a promising read. Good luck :+)


  2. Linda, you’ve got a great futuristic story here. I was pulled in by both excerpts with the curiosity to read more. You have a nice fast paced writing style perfect for the time your story is written. I see this as a winner. Good luck with it.


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