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office girlI’ve been reading some of my favorite blogs and I find that their writers are avid bloggers. Even when they don’t have much to say—they blog. They offer tips and trends, or they feature guest bloggers, and host book tours.  They do what they must to make sure their words go out everyday.

I’ve grown by watching their dedication as well as their perseverance!  Consequently, I’ve decided to give myself a 14 day challenge. I’m gonna put something out there for 14 days straight. Even Sunday, my day for church and relaxation, is going to find me saying something—if it’s just to re-hash my pastor’s sermon. (heads-up to my agnostic friends, and if you’re an atheist, I’m not the gal for you on any given day.)

You may get bored and you may say I have a nerve thinking anybody wants to read 14 days of my ramblings. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, if she’s gonna succeed in this writing thang! I’m hoping that I’ll get bitten by the writing bug since the daily exercise bug has abandoned me.

WARNING: All kinds of subjects tend to catch my fancy and I can get pulled in a variety of directions— writing techniques, recipes and cooking, relationships, and fashion! Just so you know!

If one of my novels is moving along at a good clip, and the characters are interesting, my posts will be short. If I’m stuck, blocked, or in a rut, you’re gonna get a longer piece. I’ve found that writing blog posts helps distract me and get me back to a productive writing space. Writer friends will agree, writing doesn’t just flow.

For example, as I’ve written this post, I’ve allowed a section of my consciousness to wander and that has led me to discover that I don’t love any of my characters. Hey! If I’m not feeling them, my readers won’t. I need to flesh out one of the characters that I like just a little bit and create an earlier life for her. A life that I am thoroughly intrigued by.

Posting today has helped me discover that I don’t carry these folks in my soul. They should feel like my mother, my child, or best friend. I ain’t feelin’ them. I need to be in a space where I crave getting back to them—to revel in their deeds and to help them create new mischief and adventures.

Also, I haven’t decided if my story is light-hearted or dark! I’ve been throwing in a lot of comic relief and that could confuse my readers. Hmmm! Look what blogging today has done!

Now that you’ve allowed me to express my frustrations, I’m excited! I believe I can continue on. Thanks so much for being there! See you tomorrow!

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6 thoughts on “Writing to Creation

  1. Linda, writing anything (and reading) count as writing activity when you’re out of juice – even if it’s just the grocery list! 😉
    But you’ve got off to a great start today anyway 😀 Not sure about loving your characters so much as being passionate about them – that way you can loathe your antagonist(s) quite thoroughly and have much more fun with them (why are all the bad guys so much more interesting, huh?)! 😉

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