10 Quick Tips About Baby Boomers

45 and 33 1:3

American Baby Boomers are a rare breed. They were blessed to have lived during a time when Americans were free to express themselves through sit-ins, marches, protests, demonstrations, bra-burning, and the Beatles.

Baby Boomers experienced an avalanche of 20th and 21st Century hysteria. They have few regrets!

  1. They invented technology.
  2. They paid into their pensions and Social Security. Their benefits are well earned.
  3. Don’t ask Baby Boomers how things were in their day. This is their day!
  4. They know their grammar: ie, “They gave a party for Kanye and me”, (not Kanye and I).
  5. They enjoy tv shows like Dexter, Mad Men, Scandal, Empire, HTGAWM, The Voice, etc. (Sean Connery is the ONLY James Bond!)
  6. They RULE social media.
  7. Despite civil rights marches and anti war protests, the feminist movement, and Woodstock, they still hold on to old school respect, old school values, and they display impeccable manners.
  8. You can’t fool them when it comes to sex.
  9. You can’t fool them when it concerns drugs;
  10. And you damn sure can’t fool them about rock and roll.





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6 thoughts on “10 Quick Tips About Baby Boomers

  1. Love it! 😀 We had it all – Mods & Rockers, the Fab Four, The Stones (R&B the 2nd generation!), Woodstock, Flower power, MOOG synthesisers, Pink Floyd, Heavy Metal, Glam Rock, Punk, New Romantics, Hillbilly Rock, Two-tone… and David Bowie through everything! lol


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