How to Market Your Books and Attract New Readers With a Blog…

I appreciated this enough to make it a permanent part of my little blog.

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Excerpt from an article by Author Kate Tilton, on her site:

Today I have a great infographic to share with you! But first, check out this intro from Matt Banner.Matt Banner logo

As writers, all we want to do is practice our craft in peace, but there’s more to being an author than simply pumping out new books left and right. We need to engage with our readers and produce content for them to read between major releases. A blog is the perfect place to do just that.

Today I’ll show you how to start a website you can use for your promotion and for engaging your readers. Then we’ll take a look at an infographic designed to give you new and exciting information and tools to help elevate your writing to new heights!

To continue reading and see the infographic, click on the link, or Kate’s photo below:

Market Your Books…

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