My Inspiration for makeup Artistry in 2087!


The images above played into my vision of the women at the Mayor’s Gala in The Neon Houses. Remember it’s 2087 and styles have evolved and changed drastically. Read on for a snippet of the chapter where Noel steps out.

The band was into its second number, and Noel turned to see where Dickey was. Before she could fret about it, Declan Daniels appeared and asked her to dance.

He was just her height and she smiled. Noel wasn’t short, but she could wear three-inch heels and Dickey was still taller than her. Declan was tall too and he smelled good.

That made Noel laugh. Her husband knew her through and through.

“Dickey sent you over here, didn’t he?” Noel asked.

“I can’t tell a lie,” Declan said. “But I would’ve asked anyway, if I’d thought I had half a chance of you saying yes to me.”

“Are you flirting, Declan?” she asked.

“Oh, no. I know better than that. I’ve seen you dance and you’re pretty good,” he said. “I’d much rather dip you than some of the more endowed ladies here tonight.”

Every eye was on Noel Kennedy as her tinkling laugh rang out. Noel was radiant and her shiny auburn hair curled around her ears and trailed down her nape. She wore strappy high heels that complimented the frothy, coral gown that billowed around her ankles.

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