Author Interview of Neon Houses: What Readers Want to Know

my portrait Why did you write this story? I wanted a story that would resonate with Millennials who are moving away from the inner cities. I wanted them to see the affect that not giving back to the community will have in the long run. It’s for the Black and Brown Lives Matter advocates who must also teach that education matters. Voting matters. Stopping the violence matters. Breaking the code of silence matters. LOVE matters.I put it in a mystery because people like them, but I hope they will still hear the message.

Who is this book for? Originally, it was for the New Adult category, but as it grew, it became a story that any adult could read and relate to. I’d like for teachers in the inner-city to recommend it to students who are mature enough to handle adult themes.

How did you come up with the title? When I was writing the scene where Cameron Reed explains to his son-in-law, Dickey, how Noel received her sight, I was in the “zone”. Dogs were meowing, cats were barking, and the houses were sizzling with electric lightening. I saw them glowing in bright, neon orange and yellow.

Why did you give your main character paranormal powers? As I was writing I wanted her to have a secret and I decided, “wouldn’t it be great if her own husband didn’t really know the extent of her secrecy. Also, paranormal is a popular trend and I wanted to keep it current for my readers.

You say this is a series. When can readers expect the next installment? The outline has been created and the rough draft is swimming around in my head. I’ll say May of 2017.

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6 thoughts on “Author Interview of Neon Houses: What Readers Want to Know

  1. Hi, Linda – great interview! 😀 It was great to get some context on the origins of the Neon Houses. That sounds like a spin-off novella all on its own hint! hint! 😛
    I loved the book and I PROMISE I’ll leave a review very soon now.

    1. Thank you, Jan! As far as the hint goes—there are some of you (John H., John F., Nonnie, Bette) whose hints I take very seriously. A novella, hummm? LOL!

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