A Collaborative Collection of Suspense!


Kim Knight
Author Kim Knight

If you love suspense, then you can’t miss The Suspenseful Collection. These short stories are bound to keep you turning pages. Authors Kim Knight and Didi Oviatt have joined forces to create eight of the steamiest, spiciest, most suspenseful thrillers in a long while.

Didi Oviatt
Author Didi Oviatt

Didi and Kim began this effort as a writing exercise that developed into a weekly series of stories. Blog followers were eager to see what they’d come up with next! I’m sure they’re proud of what their joint efforts have produced.

From the beginning, we readers were allowed a proactive role in helping the writers choose which prompts they’d tackle. I voted for the first title, “It Was The First Time I Killed a Man” because it sounded intriguing.  When the story was completed, I was hooked. I found the stories to be bizarre, suspenseful, thrilling, and fun. A couple were even sweet. Most had unexpected twists and startling endings. I didn’t love all of them, but I loved most of them and that’s why I recommend the book.

My favorites are:

  • It Was The First Time I Killed A Man
  • Every Time I Hear That Voice From The Basement
  • The Ones Who Live At the Bottom Of The Ocean …
  • Guilty As Charged, In Self Defense


A suspenseful novel with a twist. Eight short stories, by two suspense authors, from diverse backgrounds. From opposite sides of the Atlantic these stories have been created. One author started the tale and the other ended it. No discussion, no pre-planning, yet their stories are seamless. With just creativity and the use of writing prompts, to craft one tale, with two different writers. This anthology of suspenseful, fast paced and engaging tales covers multiple genres. From heartfelt romance, crime, fantasy, and steamy historical fiction. There is a story for everyone!

Cover Suspenseful

[Following are the blurbs for the stories I liked best]

Steamy Historical Crime Fiction: It was The First Time I Killed A Man.

It’s 1972 and New York’s first female serial killer Lisa Vanacilli is in the hot seat again, ten years after her conviction of murder to the first degree and innocent plea. The ruthless but sexy reporter Tiffany Low cracks Lisa for a confession… at a price. Lisa is strong, courageous and says it how it is. This story has been extended due to reader’s demand. And is only for adult readers.

Psychological Fiction: Every Time I Hear That Voice From The Basement.

George appears to be harmless. The local neighbourhood geek on the outside, married to Jolene. In reality, he’s a very disturbed man. His path crosses with Dana, the local check out girl. This is a psychological suspense story with a twist.

Fantasy: The Ones Who Live At The Bottom Of The Ocean, Come To The Surface.

A beautiful coming of age story, featuring sixteen year old Zoe and her mother May-Li. Myth becomes reality, as Zoe finds out who and what she really is. Her mixed descent reveals more than what meets the eye. This fantasy story is set against the backdrop of a Greek island and Hong Kong, China.

Suspenseful Crime Fiction: Guilty As Charged, In Self-Defence

California’s sassy, tough, and likeable defence lawyer Catherine has taken on a case so high profile, if she wins she’ll become a partner of Martin Law Firm. Defending forty six year old Mrs. Chevelle. An ex Las Vegas show girl, now a Hollywood wife, on trial for the murder of her high-profile husband. She claims she’s innocent. Readers are taken on a fast -paced journey on a mission to seek the truth.

Get busy. Kim and Didi need you to purchase, read, and review The Suspenseful Collection.


Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/735279

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  1. You’re welcome Kim! I really enjoyed the stories so it was easy to support. I can understand you not having favs. They’re all your babies. Much success!

  2. Thank you for sharing Linda and your support. I’m so glad you seem to have some favourite stories. It’s hard for me to decide my favs, but It Was The First Time I Killed A Man, and Guilty As Charged were great to write!!

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