Here’s to You, My Blog and Twitter Family!

It’s Friday and I’m exhausted. Most weekdays find me writing, tweeting, retweeting, blogging, and wishing I could get away somewhere to work on my novel. This week has been especially tiring for me because in addition to all my writer duties, I’ve been clearing out my mom’s house to ready it for sale.

Mom passed 5 years ago and we’ve been holding on to the house in case one of us ever wanted to move back home. Now, my siblings and I are ready to let it go. It’s an arduous task because my mother held on to every scrap of paper, picture, piece of furniture, or article of clothing that ever came into her possession.

What I learned from the experience is that I will not do that to my children. I confess that the main reason we didn’t sell before had less to do with sentiment and more with dread. My sister, brother, and I didn’t want to do the work, but we knew that if we left it to our grown children, they’d toss it all without a backward glance. (Look for a post on that next week. LOL!)

But, as I said before, it’s Friday! I can relax and unwind with wine—which made me think of you. I wanted to pay tribute to you for refusing to let a girl go unnoticed this week. I’ve seen your posts and your retweets of my work. If I hadn’t been too overworked to blog this week, some of you would’ve even reblogged those posts! My heart thanks you for your untiring SUPPORT.

I had to find a special toast for you. It couldn’t be just any picture. It had to have depth and character. It had to be something that you awesome, creative types could enjoy making up a tale for—one of those old 40’s or 50’s movie tales where the cast in the musical gets stranded at an old winery during a snowstorm. They have nothing to do except drink and dance and romance until they’re rescued.

No! No simple toast for my special, artistic friends! So, here’s to YOU, my blog and Twitter family! You keep me buoyed. We keep each other buoyed. Have a great weekend! Rest, relax, and know that you’re always appreciated!


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6 thoughts on “Here’s to You, My Blog and Twitter Family!

  1. Beautiful toast, Linda! Same back to you! Its hard to go through a house and get rid of other people’s things. I’ve done it three times already with my mother, grandmother and mother in law. When I pick up an object memories come flooding back. I am still going through my own house and getting rid of those things when I couldn’t bear to let go of the memories. I came to the same conclusion–not leaving stuff for my own kids that I know they won’t be interested in or have to go through, what I did. I just want to keep the stuff I enjoy right now. Have a great weekend.

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