Fashionable vs Stylish

The Daily Post- Prompt Two

Trend versus style. Which shoe is going to stick around?

On Wednesday, October 4, I began a journey of daily blogging by responding to the WP Daily Prompt, Denial. My short response took the form of a conversation between a couple after a stray cat that the woman had been feeding went missing. I made the subject ambiguous to see what form readers would give it. That was the fun part. Would anyone know that I was referencing a pet?

Today (my second day at this) I’m tackling Fashionable.

I’ve discovered that fashionable and trendy are synonymous. It seemed that they’d be different since trends seem to come and go, while fashion tends to stick around. But, no! What I’ve learned is that fashions come and go just as trends do. That’s why fashion houses make billions year after year.

That left me with a dilemma because I’d always though of my younger self as fashionable and not so much trendy, which, to me, meant following the crowd.

As a young woman, working downtown as a long distance operator, I devoured the latest mannequins sporting high fashion in store windows. I had the talent of discrimination, and my mind’s eye always saw what would, probably, look wrong on me. So, I learned to set my own style.

As I evolved into a professional who needed to dress for business, and a mother who needed to purchase clothes for my growing daughters, I leaned more toward quality and compatibility with what was already in our closets.

My girls grew older and started to care what others thought, but I assured them that nobody knew their clothes were last year’s or that they’d bought them from the outlet mall. They got lots of compliments on the outfits they’d purchased from the outlet chains, and the lesson they learned, out of necessity, was that it was the style with which you pulled it together. An outlandish piece of fashion was nothing but a fad that would be tossed out as soon as they came to their senses (see the photo above).

I’m not above trends and I’ve followed a few in my life. This blog is a trend and its existence has caused me to realize that all trends aren’t bad. I bring a certain style to my blog that shares a lot of my soul and my truth with my readers. That isn’t fashion or trend. That’s me wanting to connect because that’s my style.

I’ve watched authors trend into popularity by writing vampire stories, space and alien stories, and shape shifting stories. I don’t know if I will ever go in that direction, but if I do, you can be assured that it will be in my own fashion.




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5 thoughts on “Fashionable vs Stylish

  1. I love how you ended this with writing trends. I’ve never been one to follow trends and I sometimes wonder if that doesn’t play against me, but there’s no changing it. You have to write what you love.

    Same with clothing–I always had my own style. I’ve mellowed a bit as I’ve gotten older, but still have a bit of the “edge” I did back in the day 🙂

    But seriously—those shoes? Okay, the silvery one in the upper left I like and would wear, bu the others are just INSANE!

    1. Ha. Mae! You picked the right pair. The others, even if I could climb up on them, would embarrass the heck out of me to wear. Also, I see your “own style” in that sharp hat you’re wearing! Thanks, as always, for commenting.

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