Tiger 1WP Daily Writing Prompt—TAME


You met your perfect man and you loved everything about him. He lived his life passionately. You liked the same things, and you enjoyed being together. You probably wouldn’t have noticed that he was overzealous in everything he did, except your close friends all agreed that he was a little loud, way too enthusiastic, overly friendly, and just—wild.

They suggested you try to rein him.

You hadn’t thought that he was exceptionally affectionate until it was pointed out that you were always hugged up to the exclusion of everyone else and it was inconsiderate. Your behavior was attributed to his bad influence.

His loud laughter first attracted you and you laughed as he’d persuaded a friend to start a story, knowing he was going to rescue it in time for the bang. Maybe his laughter had drowned out everyone else’s.

On the day he proposed, he picked you up, right in front of your mom and dad. He swung you so wide and hugged you so tight that you were embarrassed. You almost fainted when he swooped up mom, too. Dad stuck out his palm and gave him the look, but he accepted a friendly clasp around the back from his future son-in-law.

You saw it. He needed to come in. Just a little.

After five years of reining in, his spark for life has waned and his laughter is restrained. He’s drifted away from his friends.

Mom and dad accept him for who he is. They still laugh. Maybe, if you’d listened to them or taken a page from their book …

It’s been years since he’s picked you up and swung you around.





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