Imposter! Fake! Fraud!


Today’s Word Press Daily Writing Prompt is FRAUD!

How do deceptive charlatans live with themselves, we ask? We think of them as the lowest of human beings—pure evil. However, I’d like to imagine that some of them suffered irreparable damage, hurt, or loss which left them devoid of empathy or feelings of brotherly love. Surely, money, sex, and power couldn’t be all that’s driving them.

You’ll find U.S. citizens right now who are saying that we’re being led by a fraud, but I beg to differ. Our current leader told us exactly who he was and what he intended to do. I would offer that if we’re heartbroken by his drive to fulfill the promises he made, we need to heal our hearts and move on. We hoped for a miracle, but If he had undergone a miraculous change of heart once he got into office, he would’ve defrauded the many millions who supported him.

I hoped for change too, however, I’d rather know him than be blindsided by someone I thought I knew. No! Fraud is something else entirely.

A fraud is a low-life, two-timing, spineless, weasel of a man who will date a woman while participating in a marriage that, for all intents and purposes, is working. He just wants a little on the side!

A fraud is the thief who steals someone’s work or idea and pawns it off as his own. He is either too unimaginative or too lazy to think up his own ideas. If what I write sparks ideas, that is fine. We can all use that spark sometimes. Quoting me (with attribution) is also fine. Reblogging me is an honor! But just cutting and pasting my work is stealing! That’s fraud.

However a fraud of a doctor has to be one of the absolute worst. A fraud doctor sees your Blue Cross Blue Shield I.D. and draws out your treatment for an extended period of time, for an imaginary illness. He cuts on a person without knowing a thing about plastic surgery—and fills that person’s body part with cement. It’s a heinous act of fraud and should be punishable by the same cruel act, as well as life in prison.

Cement butt

However, the greatest act of fraud is to say you’re sorry and continue to be the fraud you are. These are the deceivers who aren’t interested in learning their lessons and undergoing change. The only change they make is to a new town where they can continue to prey on the unsuspecting.



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5 thoughts on “Imposter! Fake! Fraud!

  1. I am a fraud. I pretend to be okay when I am really hurting. I pretend that my life is fine when I actually feel lost. I suppose I do this because most of the time, it’s just easier. How are you doing today? Oh, I’m just fine. Is this spineless? Maybe. Am I being a thief? Yes, certainly! I’m depriving other people the opportunity to reach out, to lend a hand in compassion.That way I can tell myself…”See, nobody cares about you.” I don’t have to share my cake at my pity-party! LOL Take Care!!! 🙂

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