Sleeping Beauty

It is the night and noises are nearer

Accustomed streets are rearranged.

A familiar wolf dog eyes me queerly

Its erratic head movements appear strange.


I pause to listen for what it hears

And a tuff of night wind scoops me into the sky.

I am pursued by carnivorous dogs

How can they climb as high as I?


They clutch me in jaws clamped tight,

And spit me out onto peaks of shimmering gold.

My old world no longer exists

And I climb this new one, feeling braver and bold.


I reach a veranda atop a precipitous cliff,

Where vegetation is fresh and obscenely green.

I peer down into the valley and marvel as

Gold coins wink and beckon to me.


I straddle the wood rail ready to make my descent

But Oprah invites me to sit and share coffee,

I am unconvinced until Barack and Eartha Kitt

Raise cups in a toast to me.


The Word Press Daily Post prompt is SURREAL

The source of this exceptional sculpture and photograph is unknown. Please share if you can identify the artists.

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  1. This was awesome… I’m crashing your coffee parties:) Fitting picture and more great visuals.

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