Mystery—Can I Write a Book in a Month

Today’s Daily Post prompt—MYSTERY

Mystery is an excellent choice for me this month. November is NaNoWriMo and I’ve entered for the first time. I have written one mystery novel, The Neon Houses, available on

theneonhouses-cover Houses was published in December, 2016, and it has received excellent reviews. Just like my readers, I have been waiting for the next story in the series, but so far it’s only come to me in bits and pieces. I’d been working on an outline, off and on, for over six months, but I couldn’t get my mind in gear to move the project along.

Enter The Daily Post one-word prompt. Participating in this challenge has brought me very close to the feeling I had when I wrote the first book. The challenge has me sitting down at my computer each day and behaving like a writer. I don’t spend copious amounts of time on social media each morning because I am dedicated to daily blogging. I have a post to write.

I say all of this, simply to say that whether or not I complete NaNoWriMo is still a mystery, but I intend to give it my best shot. That means that I will be cutting back on my daily posts and may only blog two or three times a week. Those posts may or may not pertain to WP The Daily Post prompts. I may slip you bits of the novel I’m working on. However the book turns out, it will remain in the mystery, thriller genre.

Thanks for supporting me during the month of October when I began this exciting reboot of my writing practices. Your likes, comments, and reblogs mean everything. I look forward to sharing my NaNo experience with you, and I expect it to go well since I have preordered a NaNoWriMo Winner’s t-shirt.

Your one-word prompt posts and all of your regular blog posts are examples of excellent writing, and I will be reading you, daily. Occasionally, if you allow, I’ll show support by reblogging you.


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16 thoughts on “Mystery—Can I Write a Book in a Month

  1. Hey Linda,

    Good luck. I’m in Nanowrimo too. This is my third year. The first year I didn’t make it to 50K in the month but last year was better. I’d started writing “Before We Wed” during 2014 Nanowrimo and finished it in 2016 Nanowrimo and also almost completed “Haunted by Her Past” that year while going over the 50K. This year I will be writing a book from an idea I had in the 90s but never took the chance to write it. I published both books in 2017 along with a novelette.

    With my first book, “Suspicious Minds”, it was my goal to create, write, and have a book published. I wrote on that book forever. I had no idea what I was doing at the time. It started out as a 30K mystery, changed it to romantic suspense, chopped and shredded it a few times, rewrote, etc. for five years. Finally, it was published by a small publisher. Once all that was done, my goal was complete, and although I had many other book projects started, I was satisfied that I had completed my mission. I didn’t complete another book for several years. That’s not totally true, I did write shorter versions of “Haunted Hearts” and “Get Out or Die” that are now the first two novellas in the Lana Malloy series. Both were less than 30K at the time. I think I also wrote some short stories before publishing the first book.

    Don’t do that though. Keep writing. If you’re not feeling it, try to push through it and write something. It doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s what editing is for. Sometimes while you’re writing you’ll find the words, the story you need.

    1. Hi Kim! It’s very generous of you to share your experiences.🤗 That’s one thing I keep hearing—don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach 50K. Thanks for your good wishes.

      1. You’re welcome. I got the year wrong though. My first year was 2015 not 14. I’m terrible with dates. I wrote 2012 instead of 2015 on a form the other day. I just say, I’m trying to get younger. 🙂

        That’s right, don’t sweat the words. Some days I’ve type up to 7K and others I couldn’t make it to 900. The main thing is to just write without the worry of editing until it’s over. And even if you don’t know what you’re planning or want to write, write something, anything, and before you know it, you’ll be on track again. If it’s not what you want, you can edit it out or rewrite it during the first edit.

        Look me up. Just type Kim Cox in the search and you should find me.

  2. Awesome!!! Go for it! I certainly know the feeling of only having bits and pieces of a book. It can feel defeating but you’re definitely an inspiration for taking the necessary steps to get back in gear. Go! Go! Go! And God bless!

  3. Good luck! I have never done this prompt, but heard about it a lot! If left alone I can write out the first draft in a month…although, I might forget to eat or move…:) I’ve been stuck on my new book last few weeks, but finally realized its because it was lacking something. When I get the “something” I’m usually off!

      1. I think I found my something. I will know when I get back to it this week. Yes, putting too much pressure isn’t good either. That’s when a nature break works for me:)

  4. I wish you the best on your new writing journey. Once the urge hits you, you are on your way to finishing the book in a month. I will be on the sideline cheering for you!

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