Writing Is a Little Like Dancing


Happy Wednesday, Everyone! The Daily Prompt—DANCING

NaNoWriMo is coming along just fine. Thank you for asking. However, I needed a break and I decided to peep in on the WP Writing prompt. Thankfully, it wasn’t too difficult to wrap my mind around.


Writing is a Little Like Dancing

Writing is a little like dancing

Words prancing across the page

Doing a quick step into alliteration

Placing our skills on the stage.


Early chapters, our seductive waltzes,

Evolve, by mid-story, into repressed emotion

They climax unto our final scene in a tango,

Full of wild need and desperate devotion


Writing is a little like dancing

Each blow mirroring a counter blow

And as we choreograph the final fight scene

Our words brandish truths we didn’t know


Dancing, writing, writing, dancing

Each with its own special skill

Metaphor, simile, sidestep, sweep

Both with the power to thrill!



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