A Body’s Self-healing is Really Miraculous

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The WP The Daily Post Prompt—MIRACULOUS

I’ve watched super heroes and characters like that,

And marveled when they healed in nothing flat.

Then, I cut my thumb and boy, it did bleed.

I considered the ER, but said, “No, no need.”


A discarded medical kit sat on my shelf.

I took it down and treated the wound myself.

The bandage was too small to cover the cut,

ER, I thought, but stubbornly said, “tut, tut”.


It’s strange the things our thumbs can do,

Like pulling on boots or tying up shoes.

The cut re-opened with every tug and pull

Still, no ER! Uhn-uhn! That’s bull!


This went on for a week or more.

Thumb aching, thumb bleeding, thumb really sore.

Then one day, quite to my surprise,

I used my thumb to cut some pies.


You ole super-hero you,

Miraculous healing had come right through.

Slightly sore when I rubbed it,

But mending, and I loved it.


A thin membrane covered it whole

It was a miracle to behold.

Ask me in a month, did I cut right or left.

I’ll give you my blank stare and won’t know, myself!





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  1. What a wonderful way to express the body’s miracle of healing:) I loved it. So, glad your thumb is healed up, too!

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