You be the judge!

judge with gavel makes verdict for lawThe Daily Post Word Prompt—GUILTY

There are the things I’m guilty of:

Not exercising

Exercise has to be a lifestyle. My lifestyle is to sit.

Not achieving weight loss goals

Not being able to loose is frustrating because I walk and workout for at least a month before I quit. When I weigh myself, expecting to see the results of my sacrifice, there’s hardly any movement on the scale. Exercise causes me to feel better, and makes climbing the stairs easier, but unless I see something getting slender-er on my body, I give up.

Not house cleaning, regularly

“Who’s coming over?” my kids ask whenever I do deep cleaning. They know that it takes a special event to get me to do more than surface pickup. If someone comes over unannounced, I get a little queasy.

Not writing

My office is cluttered. It’s my intent to get pretty storage bins and tidy up in there. Books, papers, and UPS delivery boxes are everywhere. The gift bags, wrapping paper, and office supplies I bought, for a steal from Marshalls, lie in a jumble on top of the desk. Also, the keyboard and mouse need batteries.

Not reading and reviewing

I read a lot—all day, in fact. Mostly blog posts by friends. I comment or “like” some of those. Often, I read books, but it takes a minute to write a thoughtful, helpful critique. Unless the book is five stars, I put reviews on hold.

Not answering telephone calls

I should be grateful that folks even want to call. It’s just that if I’m doing something (reading), the phone is an intrusion on my time. The call makes the caller happy, but the interruption irritates me.

Not making telephone calls

(See above)

Not eating a healthy dinner, daily

Keyword here is healthy. Oh, I eat! However everything is fried because I live with the French-fry king. He’d fry ice cream if he knew how. Vegetables are his kryptonite and so he’s taken over the kitchen. I’m at his mercy.


There are the things I do without fail. So, I’m not guilty of neglecting to:

Brush my teeth

Wash my face

Eat three meals (and snacks)

Take the dog out

Check social media

Get my hair done

Plant in the spring and keep the yard up all summer

Okay, judge me. Then, comment to make me a more civilized human being.


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8 thoughts on “You be the judge!

  1. I would never judge you and I’m just as guilty of many of the same things. I enjoyed this post and glad you gave a list of things you do! That’s more important;)

  2. That was a fun post, and I am guilty of almost all of those too. Althoug–I think reaching a certain age has entitled me to wallow in a bit of guilt, LOL!

  3. I will not judge you, for that would be like calling the pot a name. I get on the scale every day expecting to have lost weight, when I have done nothing to help the loss occur. Now., that really needs to change, so I cannot judge you at all. Good post, though.

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