Superstars Mocking Their Celebrity

With the passing of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, I was reminded of what a Diva she was considered to be. Like the Queen of England, Aretha always carried her purse  and while she performed, she’d place her purse on the floor next to the piano. Her staff addressed her as Ms. Franklin. In all of this, what warms my heart is that Aretha didn’t take herself too seriously. In this Snickers commercial she makes fun of her diva reputation.


When I saw the Elton John commercial the other day, I was tickled to see him making fun of himself. Elton is a Gangsta Rapper who turns into a Popstar when he’s out of sorts. Once he gets hold of a Snickers he’s himself again.


Finally I remembered an old ESPN commercial that shows LeBron James  looking for his chair. The anchor, in the cubby next door, is seated on a throne, but he denies that he has seen King James’s chair.


Hope you had a moment to share a laugh with me.




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