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CNN news contributor, Abby Phillip is now host of Inside Politics Sunday a show airing each Sunday at 8:00 a.m. on the CNN network. I became aware of Abby Phillip while watching CNN’s coverage of the Presidential campaign. Her thoughtful commentary impressed me, but I was even more connected because Abby is a chocolate-brown African American woman. 

While there are several women of color on CNN, notably, weekend anchor, Fredericka Whitfield and political contributor, Nia Malika Henderson, the network’s almost daily referencing of Abby Phillip’s perspective had me stoked to help launch the first episode of her new show. I’d heard the promos stating the time slot as 8 a.m. But Eastern Time? I missed that. Which could be my mistake, or it could be some scheduling collusion.

When I tuned in at 8 a.m., instead of Inside Politics Sunday, another show, State of the Union, with Jake Tapper and his new cohost, Dana Bash, was airing. I appreciate Dana Bash. She’s great, she’s white, and she’s paired with Jake Tapper, a known commodity; the show is established, airs at a decent hour of the morning, and is destined for success.

Inside Politics Sunday starring Abby Phillip is off to a rocky start with me. She is on too darn early. Eight o’clock Eastern time is 7 a.m. in the morning in the Midwest. I’m sure Abby is happy having a show at all, but where is the thinking, CNN? People sleep-in on Sunday. I do. To catch Inside Politics Sunday, I must set my alarm for 7 a.m. That’s punishment. And if I punish myself, Abby needs great guests. The only guest I heard her promote was Sen. Elizabeth Warren. 

So, I missed her show. I kept watching CNN until State of the Union, the show starring Dana Bash, returned later that afternoon. Her very prominent guests were Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, the new Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, and incoming Budget Chair, Sen. Bernie Sanders. Hmmm! I began scrolling through CNN’s scheduling to see if Abby Phillip’s show would be rebroadcast. It wasn’t. However, Dana Bash’s show aired for the third time Sunday evening.

Is Abby Phillip being given a fair shot? Is it okay that she come on at dawn and be limited to a lone, somewhat none exciting guest. If CNN credits black women with helping elect President Joe Biden and two Georgia senators, they should know we haven’t gone anywhere. We’re still here. Watching! Waiting to see ourselves valued, reflected, and treated fairly. 

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4 thoughts on “Inside Politics Sunday With Abby Phillip

  1. I don’t know Abby but I do know that there are so many challenges for women. I hope her time slot becomes one that’s better and I’ll be watching for her soon!

  2. Hi Linda. I don’t know much about Abby but will be watching from now on. I’ll put it on “record” until I can find her.

    Thanks for sharing.

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