International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

Hi Sisters! It’s our day—International Day of Women or the Day of International Women!

I celebrate you with this post because we are Sisters, and wherever you are, I see you.

You, my dear, are an anomaly—a chameleon—who is wonderfully empathetic and flexible. You magically perceive others’ needs and then bend, twist, and reshape yourself into an other-worldly being in order to aid your sister.

On the street the other day, a sister slid your male colleagues a furious look. You were rushing awkwardly, in high heels, striving to keep up with them as they outpaced you for folly. 

When they shouted you down in meetings and stole your ideas, another sister slipped you the note suggesting you keep your mouth closed until all eyes were on you and then speak. She suggested you think like a man and keep emotional speak out of business meetings. She was a lowly secretary who hasn’t gotten nearly as far as you, but you are still sisters.

In the grocery store, when your kids were screaming at you and demanding to have their way, Your sister didn’t smirk or shame you with her eyes. She darted after your oldest and brought him back to where you stood, helpless—one hand clutching his shrieking, twisting sister. One glance at your cart told her you’d never leave your infant unattended in the baby seat. So, she stepped in.

There is a quote I love, “Be the woman who fixes anther woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked!” This is the woman I strive to be and the kind of women I want to have as sisters.

K. Floyd Hair

The theme for this Women’s Day is “Choose to Challenge”. But don’t we always challenge? As young women, we challenged our parents and teachers. Later, we challenged our husbands and bosses. Challenging is how we became successful CEO’s and entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers, and queens of whatever we choose.

I see you stay-at-home mothers. You are patient, kind, and long suffering, having chosen the challenging work of raising and mentoring our future queens. You are, each of you, everything! 

No matter your shape, height, size, eye-color, or dare I say race, I see all of you—you are me. How will you fix another woman’s crown this week?

Photo Credit: The crown photo had the following link attached to it:   I want to give credit and thanks to K. Floyd Hair

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8 thoughts on “International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

  1. What a beautiful post, Linda. I too strive to be that woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling her it’s crooked. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wonderful post, Linda. I didn’t know it was International Women’s Day, so thank you — for being lovely YOU. 💗

  3. I love this post, Linda. You are right we should be holding each other up! Happy Woman’s Day xo

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