Sunday Morning Musings

Coffee over Tea

I’ll take a large cup with cream and sugar, please.

You want to know what’s not my cup of tea? TEA! I’ll admit I enjoy a tall, sweetened iced tea—icy cold sweat running down the side of the glass. But the steaming hot cup that my husband prefers—not so much (okay UK readers, bring it on). Coffee tends to weigh heavier on my tongue or running down my throat. Coffee is made from beans while tea is made from leaves, if that carries any weight (Ha). Just a Sunday morning thought.

Dogs over Cats

They’re both sooo cute! S-i-g-h!

My husband and I adopted pets when we first married, but the unpredictability of our schedules made caring for pets too risky and not fun. It wasn’t fair to lock up a dog all day. My daughters didn’t grow up with pets, so when they moved into their own places, one adopted a kitten and the other a puppy. It was the puppy I bonded with. Its furry, fluffy coat and tail encouraged me to stroke them. The kitten’s coat was sleek, grayish striped, and not so inviting to me. The puppy never barked. The kitten mewed and whined incessantly.

Pens over Pencils

I’ve NEVER broken a pencil! All writing utensils are sacred.

I’ve been writing a long time and I’ve determined that the only time I don’t prefer a pen is if it’s out of ink. Pencils are an absolute hassle. A pencil sharpener needs to rest near my elbow because the lead dulls every fifteen minutes. The eraser needs to be cleaned from time to time or it places dirty smudges across my paper. The only thing a pencil is good for is marking answers on a multiple choice test sheet.

Frozen Yogurt over Ice Cream

Remember what I said about choosing weightier, heavier substances (the coffee)? Scratch that when it comes to ice cream. I like my custards light. Frozen yogurt has a way of melting on my tongue and leaving me refreshed. Ice cream sits a moment too long and is just a little heavy to suck on. Although I will eat ice cream if that’s all there is.

Books Over Movies

If I read that Hollywood is turning my favorite book into a movie, I react with mixed emotions. While I’d like to see the story enacted, I know the characters are going to be all wrong. Once I have the characters in my head, Hollywood can’t touch my imagination. What casting director would choose Morgan Freeman and Tyler Perry to play James Patterson’s Alex Cross? Everybody knows Alex should’ve been played by Denzel Washington.

Books allow me to walk away if I want to prolong the climax or escape a rough scene. I can reread a chapter if I missed something or want to wallow in the beauty of the prose. Movies are nice, but if I’ve read the book, I rarely want to see the Hollywood concept. How about you? Is there a movie that was way better than the book? Francis Ford Coppola did a good job with The Godfather. And the mini-series Roots was pretty good. Also Harry Potter. The Lord of the Rings wasn’t bad…

Breakfast over Lunch

Is anyone ready to EAT!!!

I’m talking about the B-I-G breakfast here. Not the lite continental juice, coffee, and bread thing-y. I want a bacon, sausage patties, eggs, hash brown potatoes, toast and jam full Irish kind of breakfast (coffee-no tea). 

Lunch is usually a lighter serving of the dinner plate for those trying to be conservative. Otherwise it’s Julienne salad and iced tea—what’s the point? Unless you’re meeting a friend, conducting business, or just want a snack, I say skip the pretend meal and go straight for the dinner plate.

There you have it. These are my Sunday Musings for the week. Enjoy your day. Don’t work too hard (unless you’re a writer and have a deadline to meet). Why are you reading this? GET TO WORK!

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Musings

  1. Love this, Linda! I hate coffee. The smell and the taste repulse me, so it’s tea for me. In fact, I drink a hot cup of tea at work every day. I’ve only had dogs in my life, but my sister has cats and they’ve grown on me. Cats are definitely less maintenance, especially if you have a schedule that keeps you out of the house until the late hours, but dogs are much more affectionate. Right now, because of my schedule, I only have saltwater fish. Lol! I am a mechanical pencil girl all the way. I never have to sharpen it, and I don’t have issues with my eraser. 😛 I rarely eat ice cream or yogurt, but when I do, it has to be chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. I won’t waste the calories on anything but that. I love reading books AND I love watching movies, but I have to mentally and emotionally prepare myself before watching a movie made from a book. HP and LOTR are two that did an amazing job, but most book movies fall short. And finally, I have dinner for lunch because I want my heaviest meal to be during the day when my stomach has time to digest it, so I prefer lunch over breakfast. Thanks for such a fun post! 🙂

  2. HI Linda, a fun post. I don’t drink coffee often, it makes me [more] hyperactive. I do drink tea in copious amounts. I do not watch movies, they always disappoint me. I would agree that Harry Potter and LotR were good movies and those I did watch several years ago. I didn’t watch a single movie last year.

  3. Lol, a little of this and a little of that kind of post 🙂 I NEED coffee in the morning or I’m a grumpy grandma (just ask Papa). Cat lover, though our dog, Annie, won my heart. I’m an ice cream snob and only buy premium for its creamy goodness. Books over movies, but I do like to check the movie out AFTER I read the book to see if it lives up to the story.
    Enjoyed this 🙂

  4. I love these musings, Linda. I am a coffee lover! I have no pets because I live in an apartment, but I get to love on my granddogs, so I enjoy that. As for books to movies – if I have read the book I am often disappointed in the movie. If I see the movie then try to read the book, it’s a fail for me. Have a great Sunday and thanks for sharing!

  5. I enjoyed your musings, Linda 🙂 I’m one of those tea people too, although I love the smell of coffee. I love all pets and like you prefer those big breakfasts, even for dinner. As for making a book into a movie, they rarely capture the magic of the book. Fun post.

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