Sunday Morning Musings

Weekly flowers on my breakfast bar. I’m such a homemaker now.

Today is Day 22 of the Joyful Journaling Project by Javacia Harris Bowser of ‘See Jane Write’. The prompt is, ‘What are some of your best habits?

When my husband and I were young, we attended all the free homes tours we could find. We’d travel to nearby cities and towns and take pictures of rooms in the new models. I loved the décor and the design techniques of both the architect and the designer. A built-in niche, a nook, or a cranny held the most spectacular, unexpected or quaint items, and inspired me to dream about my future “house beautiful”.

We bought the house, furnished it, and raised our girls there. However, I never achieved my goal of a model home. My husband, daughters, and I made for a busy family, and our lives were mainly outside our home. Because we were always on the go, I didn’t demand neatness, though we did clean every weekend. 

Usually, clothes and other items lay where we dropped them, or draped over a chair. Beds went unmade, as my girls barely had time to get food in their mouths before they ran for the school bus. Nobody could come over without calling first. 

Enter 2022

My girls are grown with homes and families of their own. My husband and I are empty nesters with nothing but time on our hands since retirement. But good news! We finally have time to style our home the way we always dreamed. 

We figure we have the rest of our lives to achieve our goals, but if you ask me, I’d say my BEST HABITS are: I make my bed everyday. I hang all my clothes (I even fold and put them away after laundry), and I clean the kitchen every night. 

Now, if only I could develop the habit of publishing a book every year…

The foyer exposes every room so that it’s impossible to hide disarray.
The view into the living room from my foyer. It formerly took only a step into the entryway to judge if a model home was worth touring
My bedroom recliner used to hold a week’s worth of clothing. Now you can see the throw.
I make my bed EVERYDAY!

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Musings

  1. Your home is lovely, Linda! How nice that you finally have the tidy, stylish home that you wanted for many years. As you say, the family activities took priority over the home interior. I make the bed every morning too and always feel like it’s a good way to start the day xx

  2. Your home is beautiful, Linda! I am opposite from you in that I never make my bed. I flip the covers off when I wake up and then flip them back on when I go to bed. I’m the only one who goes in that room, so it doesn’t bother me one bit. I, too, was raised by my mom to be a bed maker and have rebelled ever since I got my own place. Lol! 🙂

  3. What a lovely home. You are so right, Linda, about raising kids and working. It doesn’t leave much time for keeping house or decorating. Thanks for sharing.

    1. If I’d never gotten a nice, orderly home, it would’ve been fine because the girls turned out great. Thanks so much for dropping by, Jan. I appreciate your comment.🤗

    1. Thank you, Robbie! I was raised by my mother to be a bed maker. I don’t know what happened.🤷🏽‍♀️Thanks for stopping by!😄

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