Who Will close out your Social Media Accounts?

My aunt made her reputation for saving a dollar. She’d wash and reuse plastic zip-lock bags. Her favorite saying was, I might need my money when I get old. Today she is 93, and she doesn’t know who we are. She’ll never travel to foreign lands, or dine in five-star restaurants. Her life appeared happy, and who am I to say, but she could’ve LIVED more. 

This morning I saw a quote and thought it ironic that I should run across it after thinking about my aunt’s birthday.

I’ve heard the expression, if you name it, you claim it, and I believe that’s why people don’t like to think about mortality. While I’d like to live until 100 (in a strong, healthy body), the possibility is tiny. 

I thought about the end, but not in a morbid way, and I started thinking about you guys. If I go suddenly, who’d stop my Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest accounts? Approximately this time last year, near my birthday, I’d purchased a book from Amazon called the. “Peace of Mind Planner”. It was still on my bookshelf, untouched. I hadn’t even thumbed through it. Just set it on the bookshelf to write in later.

Anyhoo, the “Peace of Mind Planner” is a place to write and share important information about your belongings, business affairs, and wishes. The planner asks things like your post office box number. My family doesn’t even know I have a PO box. I set it up years ago when I thought I would get loads of mail as an author and blogger. Those of you who get lots of mail should list it. 

The planner asks needed questions you’d never think to give answers to without prompting. It asks: email and social media, what to pay, close and cancel, what beneficiaries can expect, aside from all the “arrangements” questions. 

The idea of keeping it all together in one book sounds great. I just need to stop thinking like the men in the Young quote.

My Plan for getting started is:

Writing about it, here 

Implanting the logic of it in my psyche

Scheduling a day and time to begin 

Filling a manila envelope with important references 

Doing the work

I’m also including the cover of another book I’ve referenced over the years, How to Live to 100. Aside from tips and suggestions, it contains a lot of anecdotal info that science would say can’t be proven, but their strategies worked for them.

If there are errors please forgive me. I’m off to my 2nd birthday party. ‘ll revisit this topic from time to time to share my progress and my improved peace of mind.

Have a Happy Friday, January 13.

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7 thoughts on “Who Will close out your Social Media Accounts?

  1. Linda, we started reviewing and planning for that day when we are no longer here. We drew up a will and filled out a planner with the funeral home. Everything is there for loved ones to follow. I love your planner idea. Someone needs to know our social media accounts to close; online bank accounts. So much to think about these days. My girlfriend Gwen didn’t leave a plan, so her son has to do research to figure everything out.

    1. Dear Shirley, a will and a plan with the funeral home is a great start. I haven’t completed my planner yet, but I intend to do work on it over the next few days. I sympathize with what Gwen’s son is going through. I went through something similar with my mom.

  2. I’ve seen those planners on Amazon and have considered purchasing one. I just wonder how much the information would change over the years, but I suppose it is, at least, a good starting point to work from. You’re inspiring me to move ahead in that direction.

    Enjoy that second party! 🎂

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