How We Spent National Popcorn Day

Hubby and me at the movies on National Popcorn Day

Avatar: The Way of The Water

Did you celebrate National Popcorn Day, yesterday? The Emagine movie theater that my husband and I belong to served free popcorn in honor of the day (the link at the bottom explains the new trend). We were each handed small, overflowing bags which were more than enough. At the concession counter, I sprinkled too much salt on mine and was about to buy us 8-ounce bottled waters, but saw they were $4.50 a piece. I had saved on my ticket because of my birthday, but I didn’t want to give it back for water.

We were there to see Avatar: The Way of The Water, but were hesitant to view it on the 3D screen because 3D had unsettled us in the early days of its existence. The ticket taker assured us that if we were uncomfortable, we could wait until the next showing on the Standard screen (which would be 3 hours away), or we could come back the next day at 5:30. That was the only airing time on the Standard screen.

We selected a pair of new 3D glasses from a box of cellophane wrapped ones. If the sound was blasting and characters were leaping out of the screen, we pinky swore to leave. 

The movie was long and slow, but interesting, totally immersive, and beautiful. Through our 3D glasses, the scenery jumped out at us. I reacted by reaching out and grasping the falling leaves, or by pushing the tree branches out of my face. It was great, and I hammed it up. The sound wasn’t overwhelming either.

Now, I’ll explain why the three-hour movie felt long. Avatar belonged to the main characters’ kids this time. There were many scenes where the children, barely teens, were sharing, comparing, fighting, disobeying and slowing down the action. The antagonist would go away, and I’d forget he was the conflict until he reappeared, and I’d go, Oh yeah

Zoe Saldana’s character was played down a lot, and I often wondered where she was. James Cameron, the creator and director, tried to give the teenaged girls Zoe’s inquisitive nature, her wonder, and her mystique. One girl even felt and dealt with Eywa (the Great Mother, and guiding force of life for the Na’vi). It didn’t work. Bring back Ney’tiri (Zoe).

Slicing the pie in a way that gives such a sizeable chunk to the kids will create a new audience for spin offs of this series. The movie ended with a big secret that only two people know, and it must rear its ugly head in Avatar 3. There were many questions that will need to be answered. By then, the kids will be grown up and able to fight, fall in love, and thrill a whole new generation of moviegoers. 

On the whole, the movie was entertaining. I’m glad I saw it and the popcorn (buttered, of course) was excellent.

Below is the link to national Popcorn Day! Did you pop a bowl and celebrate? Did you know this was a thing?

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  1. I had no idea National Popcorn Day was a thing! I loved Avatar. I completely immersed myself in the story and didn’t even feel the time passing, but I tend to do that with movies and books. I’m glad you had a good time.

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

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