A Day in My Life

Today was a different kind of day filled with errands that needed to get done because of predicted snow. Some of you know that I live in the Midwest, and we’ve been promised another 3 to 5 inches added on to the 2 inches we received yesterday. That meant a trip to my beloved “Costco”. 

From the moment we drove into the parking lot and started looking for a space near the door, my heart began to beat fast, and a happy grin spread across my face. Today I mentioned to hubby that the parking lot looked as if they were giving stuff away.

Hubby raced another car to a spot near the door. She was coming from a row behind us, and we were coming down the aisle where the vacant spot was. Hubby is no gentleman when it comes to driving. He beat the woman to the space, and we slapped high fives. 

Inside, we got our regular paper towels, water, beer, orange juice, etc. (you get the picture); but we loaded up on snacks geared for the BIG game. I will let hubby speak now.

We’re set for playoff weekend, a football lover’s dream. The Cincinnati Bengals will play the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bengals have the phenom, Joe Burrow, but the Chiefs have a Super Bowl winner who has all the accolades, throws, and the moves. He’s that guy—Patrick Mahomes!

The second game will feature the San Francisco 49ers against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts, is injured but expected to play. The question is how injured is he and will the vicious 49ers aim for Hurts injured shoulder? DUH! 

The 49ers quarterback, Brock Purdy was the last player drafted last year and nicknamed Mr. Irrelevant. He’s shining and may become the starting QB replacing San Francisco’s regular quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, who is hurt and in limbo (will the team keep him).

Thanks for your information, Dear!

How will this play out? Tune in and see, but you’ll need your own snacks. However it turns out, the winners of these two games will meet in the Super Bowl.

I’m Super Bowl ready to watch Sheryl Lee Ralph of Dreamgirls fame and Emmy Award winning actress of the hit television show Abbott Elementary. Ms. Ralph will sing “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, at the beginning of the Super Bowl. I’ll buy more snacks for that if we’re not snowed in.

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10 thoughts on “A Day in My Life

  1. Linda, sounds like a good time will be had at your house! I’m not especially a football fan, but with the Eagles playing, I’ll be there with hubby watching it. I do enjoy it when I know the teams. George loves Mahomes, too, so I may watch that game too. Have fun watching and noshing!

  2. My popcorn is ready to pop and the wine is ready to uncork. Sunday is truly a football lover’s dream. Let’s go Chiefs! As for the Eagles and the 49ers, I’m still undecided. I love Brock Purdy but would like to see the Eagles in the SuoerBowl. I’ll decide on Sunday.🤷‍♀️

    1. I knew sports fans would be gearing up for this weekend, Karen. I’ll be watching, but I don’t have a team in these games! I’ll just enjoy watching the plays. Glad you weighed in tonight. 🤗

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