Secure Some Quick Wins and Crush the Fourth Quarter!

October kicked off the last quarter of this year, and so far, you’ve only put a dent in the promises you blogged about nine months ago. 2023 can either peter out, OR you can achieve meaningful results by committing to some quick wins during this last quarter by setting a writing goal, a wellness goal, and a couple of fun goals.

Three month writing goal

While most of us view NaNoWriMo as the 50,000-word, novel writing month in November, suppose we used NaNo to complete any writing task we chose? We could stack 30 blog posts and use them whenever we want, or we could send out 30 article pitches to blogs and magazines we follow.

NaNoWriMo is just one month, though, and it’s 18 days away. During the rest of October, and the entire month of December, more writing tasks could include:

  • Learn to write Haikus and publish three for the holidays.
  • Outline a new book.
  • Develop a marketing plan for a recently completed WIP that will include selecting an ARC team, and/or Street team.
  • Learn to make a book trailer from YouTube or hire someone using a source like Fiverr.
  • Ask bloggers you follow to host a book tour (I would do that for you).
  • Revise an old story and send it to your beta readers or critique group.

Wellness Goal

  • Begin a stretching and meditating routine.
  • Walk 4 miles or aim for 10,000 steps daily.
  • Prepare healthier meals to ward off cholesterol or diabetes
  • Lose six pounds (2 each month) to help your back and knees
  • Schedule naps and inspirational reading

Fun goal

  • In a cold climate, photograph trees in the forest preserve or on your tree-lined street.
  • Take the kids or grandkids to an apple orchard (preferably one that offers hayrides.
  • Visit a Haunted House.
  • Make reservations for Thanksgiving instead of cooking.
  • Say yes to Christmas parties.
  • Plan a formal Christmas Party for six of your closest friends or family.
  • Bundle up on a snowy day and make a snowman or snow angels with your family.

For each of these three goals, give yourself permission to stumble, and make no excuses when you do. Grant yourself grace and start again without guilt.

If you can think of any writing, wellness, or fun goal that we can achieve in this last quarter please put it in the comments. We love suggestions.

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