The Pro Bono Marketing Staff Every Self-Published Author Has at Their Fingertips

Oh, no! Do I need to fire my SVP of Sales?

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By Eva Lesko Natiello img_8586 on The Book Designer Site:

In today’s article, written by Eva Lesko Natiello (@EvaNatiello), indie authors are reminded of the importance of the decisions we make publishing our books. Enjoy, and be sure to comment below if you can think of other “staff” available to help self-published authors market their books.


Yesterday an author contacted me to arrange a marketing consultation. He told me he was disappointed with his marketing team. He liked what he saw I’d done with my book, and thought my team was doing a much better job. He was different than the other authors I’ve worked with—this author was traditionally published.

Here’s another example of “the grass is always greener…” We indie authors think the traditionally published benefit from something we don’t: a roster of professionals that comprise:

a sales team
a marketing team
and a P.R. team

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