Succumb to the Pull

poetry word cloud on napkin

WP—Daily Prompt Succumb (First time trying poetry. Be kind)


Succumb to the pull of poetry

Words take their will, let them flo’ from me.

Feelings now twisted

Emotions ne’er existed

On mere paper.


A poet? Who asks? Who cares?

Words have wings and whispers are prayers.

As ancient as the pull of prose

Rhymes, speak rhymes, hold them close.

Succumb to the pull of poetry

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5 thoughts on “Succumb to the Pull

  1. This is so true. Poetry seems to come on its own, and you just have to give in and write it down.

  2. Well done, Linda! “Words have wings and whispers are prayers.” That is beautiful. I look forward to seeing more poetry from you, my friend. ❤️️

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