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Wow! I almost missed it today. Sundays are busy days for me, but here it is, Ascend.

As you move up the ladder of success, it’s wise to be kind to the two groups that you’ll be  leaving behind. The first group is made up of the family and friends who cheered you on. They’ve invested time and money, and dished out advice and encouragement. The other group consists of those who thought they deserved the opportunity more than you. They’ve watched you ascend that mountain with a lot of envy.

The path up the figurative mountain is usually narrow and it’s rare that people climb in pairs or groups. If others start out with you, it’s to participate in competitive bouts that will, inevitably, leave just one winner.

If you are a natural and your talent shines so brightly that it dims each light around you, there’s nothing for you to fear. You are innately talented and blessed. Your time to ascend was preordained. Nepotism, favoritism, and sexism can’t explain your success. You will be the natural winner.

However, if you just made it by the skin of your teeth, a couple of points above your closet competitor, be careful how crazy and entitled you allow success and fame to make you. Someone is eager to knock you off your square.

In order to stay on top, you’ll have to run faster, jump higher, and study harder. Keep your game at ultimate levels. Flexing your muscles and resting on your laurels, when you’ve ascended by only a hair, is not an option.

Remember that everyone on top gets picked off eventually. Leave yourself a soft landing place for your descent.There’s an old saying: be careful how you treat people on your way up because you will meet the same people on your way down.

Wow! I almost missed it today. Sundays are busy days for me, but here it is, Ascend.




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  1. So much truth in this, Linda. I am of the hard work side and yes, being nice on way up makes the coming down a bit easier–unless you stay and enjoy the view for a bit:) I love how a single word brings to mind an idea. For me the word triggered ideas of Heaven.

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