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I’ve arrived at the two-week anniversary of the Word Press Writing Prompt. It’s the longest that I’ve stuck with daily blogging, and again, I’d like to express my thanks to Stacey Troilo for the post she wrote for Story Empire Blog, October 4.

Since beginning this journey two weeks ago, I will have written 16 posts and published 15 of them. As a result, I’ve added new followers from The Daily Post community; received more likes and comments to my posts; and, because there is no time to waste, learned to write it and let it go.

What you’ve seen these past two weeks has been a steady evolving of whittling down thoughts and keystrokes to no more than an hour of work each morning. That, from a perfectionist who used to spend two or three days working on one post, is phenomenal.

These posts have been essays, kinda/sorta memoirs, short-short stories, and (hand to heart) poetry! Succumb and Brave expressed themselves as poems and I was inspired to write them as such. Now that I’ve dipped a toe in the poetry pond and been granted approval to keep trying by you, my readers, I am encouraged there.

The choices aren’t words that I would’ve selected had I been offered multiple choices. I found some to be difficult and somewhat random. That was probably the most motivating about this project. That made me write quick, pointed, articulate (I hope) thoughts, tossed out at random.

I can’t wait to express how I’m feeling at the end of Week 3. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Regular readers who show up and say, “hello” or “keep going” are Everything!

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