Everyday Bravery

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The Daily Post WP Prompt today is BRAVE

I’m still working on this poetry writing thing, so my stanzas and structure may not be correct just yet. However, I wanted to use today’s word (Brave) to pay homage to the women in my life who exhibit extreme bravery, everyday. They suffer from lupus, MS, cancer, and abuse. Many have been left to head single-parent households, and, in many cases, their children have gone on to become whole human beings. Most, unaware of the great sacrifices their mothers have made.

Everyday Bravery

To keep moving everyday

And not give in to hopelessness and despair.

To be the keeper of souls abandoned to you,

Souls left casually in your sole care.


To take on the impossible

And find the courage to make it good.

To nurture those who depend on you

No excuses. No complaints

Crying only when nobody sees.


To struggle and rise from a life sentence of infirmity

While every inch of your body resists.

To cloak the thing that makes you different, slower, weaker

And compete in a world that values beauty—strength.

To persevere toward normality when others have lain down.

That, to me, is bravery


I embrace my feeble maladies once yours are revealed.

I am ashamed of the whines and complaints

Tossed casually to you who have no room for tired,

No time for rest, no luxury of whining.

I am in awe of your bravery.

You show me how to live each day.



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  1. Beautifully said about a subject most people don’t talk about. It is a brave thing to face the world and keep fighting on.

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