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The Daily Prompt — PREFER

Dogs over Cats

My daughters never grew up with pets. My husband and I had dogs when we first married, but the unpredictability of our careers made it unfair to have animals locked up in an apartment all day.

When the girls moved into their own homes, one chose a cat and the other, a dog. Though I was there from the time they were puppy and kitten, it was the puppy I bonded with. It’s furry, fluffy coat and tail enticed me to touch and stroke them. On the other hand, the kitten’s wiry, grayish striped body was not so inviting. The puppy never barked, while the kitten mewed and whined incessantly.

Coffee over Tea

I like food and drink to be fulfilling and for personal tastes, coffee accomplishes that for me. Coffee is slightly weightier and seems to have more flavors. Since both beverages contain caffeine, I can’t use that as a disqualifier and wouldn’t anyway since I don’t prefer decaf in either.

Pens over Pencils

I’ve been writing for a long time and I’ve determined that the only time I don’t prefer a pen is when it’s running out of ink. Pencils, on the other hand are an absolute turn-off. Their lead dulls every fifteen minutes, which means a pencil sharpener needs to sit next to my elbow. The eraser must be cleaned periodically or it places dirty smudges across your text. The only thing a pencil is good for is marking answers on a scantron sheet.

Frozen Yogurt over Ice Cream

Remember what I said about choosing weightier, heavier substances to eat or drink. Scratch that when it come to ice cream. I like my custards light and ice cold. Frozen yogurt has a way of melting on my tongue and leaving my whole mouth refreshed. Ice cream sits a moment too long and is just a little heavier to suck on.

Books over Movies

satanic kid

When I discover that Hollywood is turning my favorite book into a movie, I react with some hesitation. While I’d like to see the story enacted, I just know the characters are going to be all wrong. Who in the world would cast Morgan Freeman or Tyler Perry in James Patterson’s Alex Cross novels? Once I have the characters and scenes in my head, Hollywood can’t touch my imagination.

With books, I can walk away if I want to and prolong the climax or a rough scene until I’m ready to read them. I can go back and reread a chapter if I’ve missed something. Movies are nice if I haven’t read the book, but if I have, I don’t generally want to see the Hollywood concept.

Breakfast over Lunch

Home Fries and Eggs Breakfast
Eggs, home fries, bacon and toast for breakfast.

I’m talking the BIG breakfast here. Not the little continental juice, coffee, fruit, and bread-y thing. Give me a little bacon, a couple of sausage patties, eggs, hash-brown potatoes, toast and jam kind of breakfast.

Lunch is usually a lighter version of dinner. If you’re trying to be conservative, lunch for you might be a julienne salad and iced tea. What’s the point? Unless you’re meeting a friend, conducting business, or just want a snack, I say skip the pretense meal and wait for dinner, which you can do if you’ve had the big breakfast.

Too bad I’m older and can only have the big breakfast once, maybe twice, a month.

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