I’m More Grateful Than I Seem


Some of you have been on this blogging journey with me for a long while and you will recognize this post from a couple of Thanksgiving’s ago. Since THE DAILY POST prompt today is GRATITUDE, I thought I’d dust this one off and present it again. Thank you for your kind indulgence.

If I don’t appear to live a grateful life, it’s because I’m busy! So busy that I often wonder how I could’ve had time to work a 9 to 5. Most mornings when I rise, I place my feet on the floor and walk to the bathroom never once doubting that I am supposed to be Alive! I’m not ungrateful, it’s just something I take for granted.

I know people who wouldn’t dare get out of bed without thanking God, reading a few pages from their devotionals, and meditating. Not me. I’m deep in thought, mentally preparing for the day, and mapping out my next endeavor. I forget to be grateful.

Sometimes, when I’ve stressed over a situation that turns out fine, it may take hours for me to remember to thank God for answering my prayer. When a friend or family member is given a clean bill of health, I don’t drop to my knees. I whisper a prayer and keep it moving. Once again, I’ve forgotten to be grateful!

When my hubby has cooked a special meal, I assume he knows I appreciate it, just as he appreciates all the times I cook for us. That’s not thoughtless. It’s just careless in terms of displaying gratitude. Of course I’m grateful that he cares enough to step in when I’ve had a rough day.

When I go out with friends and one of them stops us from digging in so that they can bless the food, I am humbled and slightly embarrassed. This person is mindful enough to show gratitude for this meal!

When I dine at a restaurant and the waiter serves my food or brings extra napkins or water, I say thank you. When I’m getting my drink from the bar or the attendant brings my car around, I say thank you. However, these aren’t expressions of real gratitude. I’m going to tip these people and I expect good service. Thank you in these situations is me saying, “Yes, put it down over there.”

My true gratitude is displayed when someone has gone out of his or her way to make my day better. A store clerk who calls me when something I’ve coveted comes in at an especially low price, or the waiter who runs after me waving the doggie bag I carelessly left behind–I am all over myself with gratitude.

There are times, though, that gratitude just smacks me in the face–like hugging a child after he or she has blessed me with a sweet little kindness. Or when I’m running late and I start-up the car only to find that my husband has filled my gas tank. It’s when my neighbor brings over a freshly baked pound cake because she knows I love them.

Everyday that I’m alive, if I reflect on it, I’m grateful. Even now as I sit in a room that I’ve turned into an office, looking out my window on my garden that is frosted over. My computer is in good shape, though it’s 7 years old. When I hear how someone took an old door and placed it across two plywood horses or that someone has to share the computer with the rest of family, I think about what I have.

Starting now, I promise to live in the moment–embracing life and accepting that it won’t go on forever. I’ll stop to reflect on what I’ve achieved and what I still need to do. Among those things will be setting aside more time for friends. In addition, I vow to have more fun.

Oh yes, and I will be grateful for you who have taken time to read this. May the end of 2017 and all of 2018 find me producing more meaningful writing to show my gratitude for this blessing of storytelling; and when I’m not writing, I will burn candles and dance barefoot with my husband, or catch a movie, watch a show, or, God forbid, watch football.


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  1. This is a fabulous post and what it means to be grateful. 🙂 There’s so many negative things that get focused on in our hectic world. I needed a breath of fresh air! Thank you, Linda.

  2. I nice reminder to stop and be grateful for all the things in our lives! Well, said! It is easy to get lost in the every day things and forget.I am very grateful you posted this again!

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