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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Day 3 of The Rave Reviews Book Club Challenge

Hi everybody! My grandson, Mac, has been with us since Monday. That meant I couldn’t read, comment, or share until he left. As soon as he comes in the door, he pulls out his toys, his tryke, and spreads things out around the house so they’ll be within arm’s reach. Right away, my husband will begin peeling potatoes for Mac’s favorite meal, french fries

Mac turned three in November, but he’s really 33. His real name is Malcolm but my daughter gave him the nickname Mac which I thought was a big name for a little baby to carry; but he has grown into it. He can leap from the ottoman with the best of them. If he falls, he bounces back up and shouts I’m okay because he doesn’t want me to hover or slow him down. Then, he’s off and running again.

When he came in Monday night, I asked my daughter to leave his coat and boots on so we could go out and see the Christmas lights. My neighborhood is the crazy Christmas lights community. Mac, very directly, gave me the “talk to the hand” gesture and told me he’d already seen the lights. My mouth parted in shock, not at the gesture, I’m used to that, but because I had purposely left the lights up an extra night since he’d loved seeing them so last week. His demeanor was, Sorry, Grandma! Been there, done that.

My daughter doesn’t like his image on social media so I will just show you all the fun we had last week using only darkened and side profiles.

I know I promised to spend more time on me and my endeavors this new year—Renaissance and all that—but Mac is sooo cute! Anybody else have a character like this?

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20 thoughts on “Malcolm is Here!

  1. Linda, he looks like a real “character!” I can only imagine the things he gets into, and how much laughter he brings to your lives. I’m not a Glam-ma yet, but I’ll treasure that special love when it arrives.

    Thanks for sharing, Mac with us. I dated a guy named Mac when I was in high school. I wonder whatever happened to Mac?


  2. My granddaughter is a character. She’s an extension of my son. She’s very personable and beyond her years. She’s a teen now and being courted by universities and colleges. I’m way beyond proud of her.

    Linda, your grandson seems like a delightful character.

    We love our grandchildren.

    1. Shirley you are so blessed to see her grow up and reach her potential. That’s certainly our prayer. Thanks for hanging with me. I’m coming over to visit you. My eyes are acting crazy.🤗

  3. Linda, Mac sounds wonderful! Grandchildren are life’s way of showing love to us, I think. I adore our grandson, Patrick, and know what you mean about peeling the potatoes, because when Patrick comes over (he’s 16 now!) I get out the bread and cheese to make grilled cheese. And then later, popcorn. Mac will grow up remembering all these times with you as very special parts of his childhood. He is as blessed to have you as you are to have him!

  4. Mac sounds like a little powerhouse, with his own opinions and his own mind. How do they get to be so smart at age THREE? Enjoy every minute with him. I certainly enjoyed reading about him. Blessings!

  5. Hi Linda–We just spent a week with three energetic boys (ages 3 1/2, almost 8 and almost 10) in Michigan. My husband doesn’t seem to know how to be a grandfather, even if we have a total of six! He fights with my daughter all the time over discipline issues. He seems to want them all to be little military school kids. My almost ten-year-old grandson asked me, “Why does he need to be so mean?” He doesn’t. He just likes his quiet routine, and it was disrupted by three boys who were all excited about a visit from Santa AND the grandparents! I love the joy in your post. It’s obvious that you and Mac are best buddies.

    1. This grandparent thing is wonderful, Wanda! We’re a mutual admiration society. My husband can be a bit of a disciplinarian, too, but Mac just sweetly ignores him.🤣

  6. Linda, our Scarlett is 4 1/2 and already has the attitude of a teenager. Lately, she’s been engrossed with the series “Wednesday” which is about Wednesday Addams. She has spent hours watching and practicing the “dance” that she does in the movie. If I try to mimic some of the moves, I get scolded. When telling her something, her latest response is now “really?” She even said that to a server during breakfast when the eggs were not cooked to her specifications. She is a hoot and we enjoy her. Something new every day!

    1. John, it’s unreal how smart they are at that age. We use to ask his parents if he was saying anything new. Now, at 3, he’s holding conversations and saying just about everything! You’ve got me looking ahead to 4 1/2. Great to see you here!😄

  7. My first grandchild, Ezra, is now 4-years-old. He also has endless energy. My daughter has never left him with us to watch, so I have no idea if I could have handled it. Now, he has baby brother, born in October, the same month my second daughter gave birth to her daughter, her first child. I hope to see my grandchildren soon; Covid and RSV has been running through our families.

    1. We were blessed to have Mac with us since he was about 3 months old. His parents were relegated to home working during COVID quarantine. They chose to work from our house so we could help with him during the day. He’s like our third child.

  8. Hello My Dear,
    Sounds like you‘ve got your hands full. I know you and your husband both adore him. My mom always said she enjoyed her grandkids because she didn’t have to raise them. Be happy with yours and enjoy them.
    Shalom aleichem

  9. Mac IS cute! Sounds like you have a lot of fun with him, too, Linda. I love his “I’m okay” if he blunders a leap from the ottoman. I can just hear that, LOL!

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