The Word for 2023 is Renaissance

January 5, Day #4

The Rave Reviews Book Club has challenged its members to blog without fail for 30 Days. Accepting this challenge has opened me to the possibility that with inspiration and motivation, I can accomplish some very lofty goals in 2023.


Previously, December 31 would’ve found me sitting crossed legged in bed with my bottle of champagne between my thighs and a flute in my hand. Hubby would snore beside me after he’d promised he’d stay awake. 

I’d yell out during the countdown and ring in the year with all the Rocking New Year’s Eve hosts from Dick Clark to Ryan Seacrest, and all around them, New York city would welcome the new year with fireworks and confetti.

When my mother was alive, I’d call her to make sure she was okay. The gunfire in her community was legendary. We’d wish each other Happy New Year and talk about the amount of shellfire we were receiving. We’d say goodnight and share blessings for the new year.

Many times I called my daughters, or they called me. I remember my youngest calling me from her first New Year’s Eve Party in her own place and saying to her detractors that she didn’t care what they thought; she was saying Happy New Year to her mother.

By those long ago December 31, I’d have chosen my resolutions. My most popular vows being to lose ex-number of pounds, work out more, and declutter my house, my life, my mind. Those vows never seemed to stick, and they never came to fruition.

For the last several years, I chosen not to focus on anything. I’ve lived my life as if resolutions and dreams were a foolish waste of time. No, I haven’t missed out on anything and there’s no reason to change, but this New Year resounds more with me than it has in the last few years. 

As my years grow short and good friends leave this earth, I’ve wondered if there is a new way to envision myself fitting into 2023. A way that if I faltered from the path, I could quickly get back on track. A way that would help me continue towards excellence even when I’d failed. 

As you’ve probably read, choosing a word for the year is becoming very popular and is rapidly taking the place of resolutions. I like it because one word, if it’s a good word, can buoy you through all negative seas. If you choose the word excellence, you can always go back and try to attain excellent in your next endeavor. You’re not forced to quit because it’s April and you still weigh 193 pounds. 

My word for 2023 is Renaissance. I didn’t know it was Beyonce’s album title when I chose it, but even that makes me so relevant. At my age, choosing the same word as Beyonce.

Renewal, rebirth, and revival are discussed throughout the bible. Scriptures promise us rebirth and renewal if we believe. We’re given a chance to be restored and revived, even if we venture off the path. 

My Renaissance will be the fast track toward a more purposeful life, and it gives me flexibility to flow into 2024, if it takes that long. I’ve taught school, mentored teachers, and spoken to women’s groups. It’s been a pretty full life.After retirement, I traveled, rested, and volunteered. Now, I seek to share stories of my experiences with whomever they will speak to. I’d like to leave a love story for my grandson, a guidebook for new teachers, and the cookbook my daughters have been asking for. So, I choose Renaissance as the impetus to stop thinking I have forever, change my way of living, and get things done. 

I’d like to know how you are going into 2023. Do you have a resolution, a word, or are you taking a break from the whole commitment thing?

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14 thoughts on “The Word for 2023 is Renaissance

  1. Linda, it appears like I am zooming into 2023 at lightening speed. So much is happening that I haven’t had the chance to sit down and meditate and figure out what my goal is for this new year. But I will. Sounds like you’re off to a good start.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I’ve only recently learned about choosing a word for the new year rather than setting goals. I chose “balance” because I’ve been struggling in the last 6-8 months to find balance among my work life, family, and creative endeavors like writing and blogging. But now that I give it more thought, I should have chosen “faith.” If anything is going to get me through the hiccups and hurdles that come my way, it’s my faith in God and steadfast belief that He is in control. I love what you said about renewal, rebirth and revival. We need more of all three.

    And I love your choice of Renaissance as your word for 2024. Cheering you on, Linda!

    1. Hi, Mae! It seems that “faith” is resonating with you! Why not choose a second word?

      The main word is your core word, and your additional word should compliment that. I got that idea from a couple of sites (below) when I thought I wanted a supporting word, too. Thanks for keeping up with me.🤗,

  3. I love your word, Linda! I have a friend who has been choosing one word for years now. It seems to work for her. I don’t set resolutions, but I do set intensions. They are things I want to focus on throughout the year, but there is no sense of potential failure, only unlimited progress. Thanks for sharing your word with us.

    Yvette M Calliero 🙂

  4. Hi Linda,
    Those are big dreams, and I hope you follow through with each one of them. I choose a word every year. It has nothing to do with a New Year’s Resolution because I don’t believe in it. I seek God and ask Him for a word. And then I take the word to heart and begin marching forward.
    Take care and good luck.
    Shalom aleichem

    1. Thanks, Pat! When 🤗I was an educator we’d choose SMART goals. The M stands for measurable. So yes, my dreams are big, but if I chart and measure my progress, I can make them achievable even if I carry them into 2024.

  5. Linda, this is a great post, and I hadn’t heard about choosing a word. I wrote a list of resolutions, but they are written in a way to allow mistakes, i.e., “encourage kind thoughts.” But I love the word idea and have chosen mine. Thanks for this wonderful tip! Have a fabulous, renaissance-filled New Year!

  6. I was on Mastodon a few minutes ago, and someone asked what we wanted in the new year. I replied that I wished for the elusive happiness I had never achieved but yearned for.

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