A Day In My Life

DAY #5

Occasionally, I’ll share something that occurred that day that signals a Renaissance moment for me.

Standing Before My SMART watch says so

Hubby and I went to the nail salon this morning

The day got off to a poor start because I wasn’t ready at 10 a.m. like I said I’d be. It was more like 10:10 and a certain someone who was in the army never lets me and his daughters forget how we would’ve been punished for being late in the military. 

I was getting my biweekly manicure, and he was getting his bi-annual pedicure. He usually takes care of the man-things himself, but at least twice a year he will joke that his feet are “cutting up the sheets” and it’s time for a professional. On our initial visit I pointed out a woman who is good, and he’s been going to her ever since. There is no way a guy is touching his feet. 

Hubby got through first, and I told him to leave me, and I’d call him when I was ready. After nails, I go next door to an esthetician and it was going to be a while.

All the way home I wondered what I’d eat. I hadn’t had breakfast before I left, and it was almost 12:00pm. Now that we were in the driveway, I’d have whatever I could find inside. I yelped as he threw out a half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich, but he turned around with two big hamburger patties in his hands. Hamburgers with all the trimmings—lettuce, tomato, AND grilled onion—would be nice. I could wait. 

I should’ve made a salad, but the potato chip he was eating winked at me, and I was a goner (trying a little Pat Garcia here). If you’ve read Pat, you know she is deft at descriptive prose. 

I read through the posts of my fellow 30-Day Bloggers and made several comments. I spent too much time over on the other blogs. Their posts were so heartfelt, compelling, and funny; and their readers’ comments were spot on. 

Some of the most humorist have been my fellows in this contest, i.e. @WatchNonnie Write and and Maura Beth Brennan @SerendipityHappens .

and Maura Beth Brennan @SerendipityHappens  

See you tomorrow with a new view on the day. 

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17 thoughts on “A Day In My Life

  1. My father was in the Merchant Marines during WWII, and I wonder if that was where he learned to keep strict schedules. Not only did my family have to be on time, but we were always half an hour or an hour early for every appointment or event. To this day, I’m still early.

  2. Army brat, here, and I, too, was raised to be punctual. When I was married to a Cuban, I learned the hard way about Cuban timing. His family came to my Thanksgiving dinner four hours late. It sounds like you had a great day, Linda! I love pedicures and have been trying to get my hubby to try one, without success. Maybe some day…


    1. Four hours, Patty! Did you go crazy trying to keep the food warm? Just kidding! Thanks for sharing this. I drug my husband in kicking and screaming. Now his feet feel so good that he looks forward to our trips. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Linda, sounds like you had a pleasant togetherness day, and yummy, too! I had a aesthetician, before the pandemic who gave me facials, which were so relaxing! Thanks for the shout-out about humor, I’m glad you enjoy it. It’s funny, I was thinking today that I should be more serious, less irreverent and silly. Some of the posts are so heartfelt and touching! But I find that a bit difficult to do. I enjoyed your post today, Linda.

    1. Hi, Maura Beth! Is the emotional writing difficult for you in general or is it just in this forum? This is a safe space to try new styles and techniques—serious, humorous, journalistic —whatever comes out that day. 🤗

  4. Hi, Linda,
    I understand your hubby so well. When we were late for formation, that meant 50 push ups on the spot. So go easy on him.
    What is an aesthetician? I probably know what it is in German, but this is a new word for me in English. It sounds like you and hubby are laidback people who enjoy each other and that makes me happy.
    Have a lovely Saturday.
    Shalom aleichem

    1. Pat, the way you spell it, aesthetician, means a medical skin specialist. My spelling, esthetician, is very similar. However mine provides cosmetic skincare, not medical. Skin care can include skin treatments, facials, and hair removal. (Girl, I was getting my eyebrows done!)😂

      So hubby was telling the truth about being punished on the spot.Wow!

  5. I am an Army brat and was raised on strict punctuality. I am always the first one at events and almost never late anywhere because it gives me anxiety to be late. The irony is that my Cuban culture dictates that nothing starts on time, so imagine how frustrating it is when I’m around family and they say the party starts at 12 pm but they really mean 3 pm. It’s not easy being me in those moments. Lol! I’m happy you had a relaxing day, Linda!

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

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