A Day In My Life!

I Went to Church Today

January 8, Day #7

The Rave Reviews Book Club has challenged its members to blog without fail for 30 Days. Accepting this challenge has opened me to the possibility that with inspiration and motivation, I can accomplish some very lofty goals in 2023.

Occasionally, I’ll share something that occurred that day that signals a Renaissance moment for me.

#3 I went to church today, and that’s big because improving my church attendance is a key part of my 2023 Renaissance. The Pastor announced our focus for the year, and It was REBIRTH. A sign from God that RENAISSANCE is the right focus word for me.

At the beginning of the pandemic, our church shut down for a year and a half. One of our sister churches was the first to be affected by COVID-19 in March 2020. Within days of each other, that church lost its pastor and two members because someone in the congregation brought the disease to church. According to television news, they were the first deaths in Chicago.

They summoned us back to in-person church in August of 2021, and after a few weeks, a second wave of Covid sprung up and we left again. In December 2021 we were called back once more. At that point, I was content to watch Sunday service on Facebook Live and I never returned fully. During the pandemic, I’d been struggling with my sight and arthritic knees, especially in the winter. Church from home was a comfortable indulgence I didn’t want to give up. 

A little history here. As a child, I was baptized at this church. The elders vetted my husband to determine his worthiness to wed me. (no, that’s not a rule. They loved me that much). I was married at this church. We christened my babies here. My brother’s and mother’s funerals were here. I will never move my membership; however, the members think because they are back, there must be something drastic or sinister keeping me away.

I’ve always been a super participant, but as I get older, I am no longer Sis. Mims, the church leader and elder they once knew. I am now Jada’s mother. Jada is my daughter and a part of a group of young professionals who are bringing the church into the 21st Century. After service today, I sat in the beautiful sanctuary waiting while she exchanged greetings with several people. Young people gave me an obligatory kiss and hug, and I smiled and waved while I decided where we’d go for lunch. It’s so nice to advise young people and a few older ones when they ask. I didn’t know I’d be retiring from all things, but it’s nice to be a woman of leisure. Hubby is happy to have my undivided attention and he doesn’t miss the nonstop ringing of the phone while I conducted church business. 

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8 thoughts on “A Day In My Life!

  1. Hi Linda. I thought I had commented here, but just holding it until I had time to come back and comment. I don’t blame or judge you for not physically attending your church. COVID is no joke. A classmate is unable to attend Gwen’s funeral because she and her entire family have COVID. Can you imagine? I still wear my mask because outbreaks are the norm.

  2. It looks like a beautiful church, Linda! There is a time and season for everything, and it’s your time to sit back and enjoy the view while others do the hustling and bustling. 🙂

  3. We’re all in a similar boat, Linda. I became quite content to watch on TV myself. We just returned to singing in church. We sing every other week. I work at the radio station on Saturday night and don’t get home until 12:30 AM, it’s sometimes difficult to get up for church on Sunday morning. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe and don’t try to live my life with this dictum from an old 1960s songs: “Oh, children, don’t you weep, if the road is long. We are all prayers of action on our way to God.” Whether or not you’re physically in church, you can be a “prayer of action.”

  4. As we get older our lives change, and so do our activities and abilities to multi-task at past levels. I’ve found that is usually a positive thing. In some ways, it’s like learning to say “no,” or maybe saying “not today.”

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