It’s a Birthday in My Life

The Rave Reviews Book Club has challenged its members to blog without fail for 30 Days. Accepting this challenge has opened me to the possibility that with inspiration and motivation, I can accomplish some very lofty goals in 2023.

January 9, Day #8

Today is my birthday! I don’t normally announce it like this, but it’s not possible to write about a day in my life, specifically today if I don’t mention it. 

When I got out of bed this morning, I didn’t think about my birthday. I was focused on the mental list of things that I needed to accomplish today. My phone wasn’t on the bedside table, and I remembered it was still inside my purse. I make notes on the phone so I can cross things off as I complete them. I spoke to Alexa In the bathroom, and she gladly made a to-do list of the items I requested. 

After 7 to 8 hours of little to no use, my legs take some time to loosen up. Consequently, I descend the stairs noisily. Despite how hard I try to sneak up on him, my husband hears me coming. This morning he shouted Hey, birthday girl! (Going forth, hubby will be called Chef) He made a fantastic meal of bacon, eggs, and hash browns. I added oatmeal (without sugar, syrup, or fruit! Yuck!). Breakfast was delicious, but I’m tired of the same old food. 

Lately, I’ve been eating cereal, milk and banana with a glass of orange juice. It works unless he’s frying up bacon for the third or fourth time that week. (I’ve told him about the health risks! @Maura Beth—SMH!) 

I’m tempted by his cooking more than I’d like to be. The man pours grease into the bacon skillet. He says don’t blame me because you can’t say no. I say, I blame you because you put it there. Until I saw it, I didn’t want it. I could’ve done without it.

My sister called me to say happy birthday and to catch me up on her family. It’s always a good time talking to her because we laugh more than we talk.

My daughter called me during her free period. A teacher transferred and my daughter’s assistant principal has to sub in the class next door until they hire a new teacher. The students are perturbed because they expected 2 or 3 days of goofing off. Daughter also wanted to remind me we’re going out Friday. Her birthday was this month, too.

I returned a call to my sister-in-law because she called my cell phone, but I’d never turned the ringer on after shutting it off during church. We talked about people letting their dogs poop in the flower beds where we work with our hands; and we vowed to never plant flowers in the springtime again (that’s bull!). Our subject changed to the 6-yr-old student shooting the teacher and sailed into other crazy and senseless stories on the news. Anybody would’ve thought we were trying to one up each other in a bad news contest!


Everything I want for my birthday is within my control. The question is, how badly do I want a RENAISSANCE? How badly do I want my writing and blogging to grow?  How badly do I want 2023 to be the foundation for 2024, 25, 26 ….? Here’s my list:

  • Near perfect peace for me and everybody around me. 
  • A few minutes to shut down, tune out, and settle into a story. 
  • Find and connect with my target readers for life.
  • Good fortune and continued health for my family.
  • Good fortune, good health, happy writing and reading for my friends.

These are my wishes for a 2023 “Me”.

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14 thoughts on “It’s a Birthday in My Life

  1. Those are wonderful wishes, Linda, and I hope they all come true for you.
    I ‘m sending happy birthday vibes your way. Today is also my cousin’s birthday (we’re more like sisters). It’s a great day for celebrating.

    P.S., I agree with you about no sugar or syrup on the oatmeal, but I do like to add fruit. 🙂

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