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A Day in My Life

January 10, Day #9

Accepting a challenge to blog for 30 Days gave me the inspiration and motivation to persevere and see if I can accomplish not only this, but some other very lofty goals I’ve set for myself in 2023.

Occasionally, I’ll share something that occurred that day that signals a Renaissance moment for me.

#3 I’m my main cheerleader!

The day after my birthday has been a day of reflection. This morning, I reflected on what I call my happy second life. When I retired from education ten years ago, God had given me everything I’d asked for. A worthy career, a kind husband, healthy children, our own home, a big-girl car (Avalon), and a reasonable portion of health and strength. While He was giving it to me, I hadn’t realize how blessed I was.

My first life had been HARD! After hubby and I met, fell in love, and committed our combined efforts to making a good life for our future children, every roadblock that Satan could throw our way came fast and furious. We survived, and today I’m thankful that anything I don’t want to do; I don’t HAVE to do. Writing, blogging, being a part of this august community of writers and bloggers is just gravy. Hubby reminded me of that this morning. 

So, as I reflect on the day after my birthday, it’s been as phenomenal as the Birthday. Hubby, who I’ve nicknamed Chef, was in the kitchen making breakfast. Either he’s sending me a message that he’s hated my cooking all these years, or he’s truly been touched by the food gods.

This afternoon he prepped the shrimp and crab cakes he’ll be making for dinner. Our daughter has taken to moseying over after work to check on us, but she’s really looking to see what her dad has made for dinner. “I’m loving this new Daddy!” she whispered to me.

I would love him, too, but Chef Daddy doesn’t clean up after his work. The downside of our extraordinary meals is that I have waaay more pots and pans to wash. If I want to cook something for myself, I have to hunt for seasonings and spices that no longer reside where I stored them. Now, new spices (and other things) are on my cabinet shelves. What is beef tallow? It looks like fat to me and I’m not having any parts of it.

While hubby was cooking, I decided I’d bleach socks. The anklet socks I like to wear around the house have the dirtiest feet, which no amount of machine washing can get clean. I’m through spending money just to wear clean socks. I never had this problem when washing machines had agitators. So, I handwashed them. Many of my colleagues have mentioned that their washers and dryers have gone out. If anyone has information on how to get washers with agitators, please share. The new washers can’t clean worth ‘spit’.

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21 thoughts on “The Day After My Birthday #TheDailyPost #Blogging

  1. Linda, my husband has always been a chef. He introduced me to new flavors and I started gaining weight. Not good

    I have one of those computerized washer and dryer and I could swear my under garments and socks weren’t coming out clean enough. I purchased it online during pandemic and didn’t notice that it wasn’t my familiar model. We are trying to address it. Drats!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Linda. My husband does almost all the cooking these days. When I want to try a new Keto recipe, we do it together. ❤️

    He couldn’t cook for many of the first years. You know the “teach a man to fish”? Well, I taught a man to cook and it’s really paid off. Both of my sons like to cook too.

  3. Happy belated birthday, Linda! I can’t help you with the socks. I don’t use bleach. I wash my clothes in baking soda and cleaning vinegar, and they come out fine, but I wear crocs around my house because I can’t be barefooted but I also don’t like walking around in socks (still feels barefooted on my tiles). I’m happy to hear hubby is cooking for you. Forget about the dishes. Put everything in the dishwasher, set it, and forget it. Enjoy the meal and the pampering! 😉

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

    1. Baking soda and cleaning vinegar? I’ll look into that. I like trying new things. Hubby is cooking for himself, Yvette. I’m just a beneficiary.😁 If it was for me, he’d use healthier ingredients.

      1. Haha! That’s hilarious, Linda! If hubby is cooking for himself, hubby can clean up after himself. 😛 I stopped using brand detergent years ago because of the ingredients within them. Not only do baking soda and cleaning vinegar work, they are a huge fraction of the cost. It’s a win-win for me! 🙂

  4. Ha! I had to chuckle at this one, Linda. My new washer was just delivered last Saturday. The old one died on New Year’s Eve and that was the earliest delivery I could get. My biggest complaint with the new high efficiency, low water use washers is that they don’t seem to rinse as well as they should. At least my last one didn’t. Time will tell with this new one.

    And shrimp and crab cakes sound good. Clean up or no, how cool that you’ve got a hubby who likes to play chef!

  5. Oh, Linda! Your washer comment is almost exactly what I said the other day! Give me an old-fashioned washer that gets clothes clean! It drives me crazy to have to pre-scrub stains before I wash things. Progress?

    1. Karen, I’d had my Sears Kenmore washer for over 35 years. If I’d known, I would’ve found and bought a refurbished washer with an agitator. You can bet I’ve kept my original dryer!🤣

      1. Exactly, Linda! Washer, dryers, and refrigerators were Kenmore brand in our family for years. At one point, we had my parents’s refrigerator hand-me-down. I remember my aunt & uncle having a wringer washer that originally belonged to their grandmother and it worked just fine. Now, appliances are built with an anticipated five year life and they don’t work as well. Progress?

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